Little Wonders

By Alexandra Hall | Boston Magazine |

FAR TOO MUCH KIDS’ CLOTHING deserves a big time-out (see: Garanimals-esque matched sets; tees with saccharine-sweet logos; sloppy jockwear). This summer, take things up a notch. The snazziest collections right now — both dressy and casual — have the same top-level cuts and tailoring as the grownup versions, not to mention the same styling potential. It’s all about the mix: delicate tops with darling cord shorts; funky hoodies with vintage-preppy blazers. The result is solid style that’s still functional and fun. Oh, and there’s extra credit: They’ll wear it now through summer and straight into back-to-school season.

Photograph by Jӧrg Meyer / Styling by Julie Paquette/Team / Hair and makeup by Lynne Avallone