Real Weddings: Rebecca & Joshua

Rebecca Lloyd Garrison & Joshua Grubman

October 9, 2010
Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth

JOSH GRUBMAN AND BECCA LLOYD GARRISON’S love story has a happy beginning: After being matched with Becca by the dating website eHarmony, Josh, an attorney living in Somerville, saw her photo and thought, She’s beautiful.

Becca, the owner of Boston Pilates in Jamaica Plain, met Josh for dinner, and the pair discovered they had a lot in common. Soon after, they were dating exclusively. But then the romance hit a snag: Becca discovered she was pregnant just four months into their relationship. “We knew we loved each other, and that was what mattered,” says Becca. But she didn’t want to get married simply because she was pregnant. “We wanted to be sure.”

Five months later, Becca was sure enough to buy a ring and propose to Josh at their home in Quincy. He said yes. And then two weeks later, Josh (who’d been planning to propose all along) got down on one knee in an apple orchard and proposed. To which she said yes. Fast-forward one year, and here’s the happy ending: Becca and Josh married last fall. Watching the couple with wide eyes was their nine-month-old daughter, Quinn.