Real Weddings: Suanne & Fatemeh

Suanne Au & Fatemeh Parsa

September 5, 2010
Balance Rock Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine

FATEMEH PARSA HAD PLANNED to pop the question to her girlfriend of two years, Suanne Au, during dinner at a nice restaurant; the pharmacy technician got so excited, though, that she ended up proposing to Suanne weeks ahead of schedule. “That’s how Fatemeh is,” explains Suanne. “I always get my birthday present in October — even though my birthday is in November.”

The couple, who met at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, married last fall. On the way to Maine for the wedding celebration, they stopped overnight in Vermont for a private civil ceremony — so although they were technically married when they walked onto the lawn overlooking Frenchman Bay in front of 20 friends and relatives, it was still their favorite moment. “The vows are the most meaningful part — the paperwork is boring, and the rest is for enjoyment,” says Suanne, a math professor at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York.  

As little girls, neither had ever really imagined her own wedding, “especially since I realized I’m gay,” says Suanne. “It just wasn’t one of the options.” Fatemeh agrees: “But even though I hadn’t given it much thought, it turned out exactly how I’d dreamed it would be.”