J.P. Refuseniks: Enough Already

Here's a thought for the overly earnest J.P. resident certain that the addition of a Whole Foods heralds high rent and misery: Don’t shop there.

By Paul Kix | Boston Magazine |

I’ve got a simple idea for every overly earnest J.P. resident who’s certain that the addition of a Whole Foods to the neighborhood will usher in only misery and ever-higher rent: Don’t shop there. Jamaica Plain doesn’t need a neighborhood action committee and an unctuous group, Whose Foods?/Whose Community?, to hold endless meetings about the chain’s intent to open up in an old Latin food store. If you believe Whole Foods will make the neighborhood less “authentic” (read: even more of a white yuppie enclave), take your Cole Haans and your misplaced liberal rage to the nearby City Feed and Supply and spend, spend, spend. Whole Foods likes to think that it expands wisely. Show the bastards that they’re wrong! Victory will never have tasted as sweet and you, of course, will know why: It was locally grown.


Source URL: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/2011/07/immodest-proposal-jp-refuseniks-enough-already/