• matt

    While the proximity of MIT’s reactor to the population may seem alarming, it should be noted that there are probably 10-15 submarines on the Connecticut coast with nuclear cores that have orders of magnitude more uranium than this reactor. These submarines seem to get little attention by the press, and they have people operating the cores who are as young as the MIT students.

  • Tony

    I would worry about the radioactive materials in the SLBMs aboard the Navy
    Subs. I believe that each sub carries 16 missiles with 10 warheads per missile or a grand total of 160 missiles.

  • James

    If you’d like to read an insider’s take on nuclear plants and how an unpleasant event at an atomic fun factory might unfold, my novel “Rad Decision” is available online free (no adverts, no sponsors). The event depicted is a lot like Fukushima, oddly enough. Just Google the title. I’ve worked in the US nuclear industry for over 20 years.