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Photograph courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Photograph courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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Rumor has it that Mary Todd Lincoln was a big spender: Honest Abe’s wife may have purchased the gold, enamel, and diamond earrings and pin on display in the Museum of Fine Arts’ “Jewels, Gems, and Treasures: Ancient to Modern” show during a $3,200 spree in 1864.

H-ahhh-vard Square: You know all about farm to table. What about farm to spa? The new 4,000-square-foot Corbu Spa & Salon at the Charles Hotel — named for Le Corbusier, who designed the nearby Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts — features spa director Pamela Baldwin Adami’s scrubs and lotions, made using local ingredients. The Chatham Bars Inn alum worked with chef Jody Adams to create treatments like the Hot Herbal Poultice Journey, a mix of massage and healing compresses.