• Elephant

    Because PAWS has become so successful & supported, the AZA sees the threat – they cannot keep to the sanctuaries higher standards, especially in space which Keating points out. AZA is actively brainwashing zoo keepers that sanctuaries are not accredited, not true, they have their own accreditation.

    Suffice it to say no animal should be kept in an inappropriate climate or environment, which zoos do, and especially elephants in long freezing winters, standing kills. Kagan of Detroit paid a high price of AZA’s anger. The AZA said “never again,” and as an animal broker the AZA has threatened to withhold animals, it did this to Topeka Zoo with a gorilla needing a mate, all for preventing Topeka’s elephants from going to sanctuary.

    It’s all very underhanded & political with the AZA controlling the USDA as to where elephants will go, that in itself needs congressional investigation, including why Chester Gipson’s Animal Care dept. will not enforce its own Animal Welfare Act. Things are not good for exotic animals in captivity in the United States.

    Kudos for a well researched article about elephants, finally! Offsets Ringling at the Sox game. Have Shared on elephantloverspage on Fb.

  • David

    Thank for this article: very good research and well presented. As a former zoo director I have formed the view that urban zoos cannot meet the social, psychological, emotional or physiological needs of elephants.

  • Marisa

    As a volunteer at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee for several years, I have seen first hand the changes in an elephant once she has left the confines of her circus, zoo, or roadside attraction. Many of the elephants arrived from places where beatings and other forms of maltreatment were the norm, but a few, such as Dulary, arrived from an AZA accredited zoo, where she was dearly loved and treated very well. The staff at the Philadelphia zoo recognized they were not able to offer Dulary the space she needed to roam and the companionship of other Asian elephants. After several trips to TES to ensure Dulary would be well cared for, the staff and people of Philadelphia gave their beloved elephant to TES, putting her good over their own wants. Dulary is thriving in subtropical TN, where she will live out her life on 2700 acres.
    Elephants are not native to cold weather climates. They need to walk several miles daily. They need the companionship of other elephants. They do not need Buttonwood, or Southwick, or Ringling, or Cole Bros, or any other institutionalized form of cruelty. And they sure as heck don’t need the AZA- a sham organization…

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