Immodest Proposal: Mike for Hire

By Jason Schwartz | Boston Magazine |

WHEN WE LAST SAW Michael Flaherty, he was taking big whacks at Tom Menino in the 2009 mayoral election — and, ultimately, getting whacked himself. Now, after two years on the political sidelines, Flaherty’s gunning for a return to the same city council on which he sat from 2000 to 2010. It’s a bit sad watching him out shilling for votes now. It’s like he got sent back a grade in school. Worse, if his at-large bid is successful, it would likely knock out either Ayanna Pressley or Felix Arroyo, both promising young incumbents who reflect this city’s diversity.

So somebody, please, give Mike Flaherty a job. He’s already got a cush law-firm setup, but how about bowling him over with a great gig that has a civic conscience? We’re looking at you, Boston Foundation — or MassInc, or some other high-minded nonprofit that could harness Flaherty’s knowledge of the city for good. Just keep him out of the race.