• Michael

    I have to agree that I’m sick of this too. I take my kid to school and pick him up. I make him dinner and read him a book at night. I discipline him and kiss hiss boo boos. I wash and fold his clothes I hold him when he gets a shot at the doctors. I go to daycare meetings and work on his counting and alphabet skills. I change his diapers and give him a bath. I help him build train tracks and sing with him in the car. I tie his shoes and make his bed. No I didn’t birth him but I was there. No I didn’t breast feed him but took over those late night thaw the frozen breast milk feedings.
    Oh yeah, I also bust my ass bringing home a majority of the household income and do home repairs. How am I the dunce?

  • DavidLance

    Mic check….

    Mic check….

    Did anyone (Did anyone)
    Read (Read)
    Steve’s Garfield’s (Steve Garvield’s)*
    Comment? (Comment?)

    Anyone care to respond?

    Your Mission – Should You Choose It:

    If you respond to our mic check,
    you will be the first responsible
    person in a position of authority
    to do so.

    Congratulations in advance.


  • Kim

    I appeared in the Ragu campaign, and there was not one crack about a lame dad. This whole topic, while a worthy discussion, was not actually sparked by Ragu’, but by a zealous overreaction. More here: http://www.kimtracyprince.com/2011/10/office-politics