• Robin

    Instead of so-called death with dignity,
    can’t we offer to help people LIVE WITH DIGNITY until they die? Robin, RN

  • John

    I am a family physician and have over 30 years experience caring for the sick and dying. There is much more to this issue of physician-assisted suicide than the author suggests in this one-sided artic

  • John

    I have tried to post my full comment but the system keeps cutting me short. So, I will keep it short, this article was very one-sided. There are many thoughtful people, such as, myself who strongly op

  • Mark

    As a Family Physician I am disgusted by this biased article. Rationing by killing is taking place in Oregon. Medicaid patients are being denied chemotherapy but told there suicide prescrition is covered. No Thanks! Physicians should first do no harm!

  • Gilbert

    Emotional article by an angry author who is displeased with the Church. We all die. It is part of life. Suicide is another matter poorly understood by the author.