Small Bite at Blue Inc.

By Maggie Brooks | Boston Magazine |
small bite

Photo by Scott M. Lacey

Former Hell’s Kitchen contestant Jason Santos has opened his own place, with much ado about his wacky techniques (think: foams and freeze-drying). Unfortunately, all the razzle-dazzle doesn’t make up for the lunchtime fare — which should be the restaurant’s strength, given its Financial District location. The lobster roll ($18, pictured) was fine, but hardly worth coming back for; the Broad Burger ($11) sat on a grease-soaked roll with caramelized onions and a side of flavorless pickles. The burger has since been axed from the menu, but for now, we’d still stick with snacks like sweet potato fries ($3) or house-made barbecue chips ($1). The real savior is the selection of milkshakes ($6–$8), which arrive bubbling and smoking from liquid nitrogen; the strawberry-and-honey-dipped-doughnut version was a standout. Still, it’s hard to imagine crowds pouring in for these alone.

131 Broad St., Boston, 617-261-5353,   

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