Culinary Genius

By Leah Mennies | Boston Magazine |

Whatever the local impact, it’s clear that Boston’s academic underpinnings have put us at the heart of a food movement. Achatz, for his part, is already dreaming of taking the food-meets-science explorations to the next level: “What about talking to [a university’s] psychology department about crafting the experience in the scope of a meal where we could make things taste different by making people feel or process differently?” he muses. “Or [working with] doctors specializing in the olfactory and tapping into the way things smell? If I have a waiter put something down in front of you in a certain manner, certain body language and inflection in the voice, is it possible to experience the identical food presented in the exact same way, if it was delivered by someone else? Maybe by looking at and breaking apart the roller-coaster-type flows and patterns of artistic mediums, we can predict what [foods and trends] will be next. This is just the beginning.”