Body by Boston: Build Strength

By Casey Lyons | Boston Magazine |

QUIZ: How to Pick a Local Trainer

Will you get better results from a mantra-reciting sensei or a boot-camp style coach? Herewith, our fitness match-making questionnaire.

What do you think about the picture to the right?
A.  Something I like way too much.
B.  Something I like in moderation.
C.  About 22 percent of my daily lean protein intake.
D.  A token of my lack of self-control.
Which phrase motivates you best?
A. “You should do it, but it’s OK if you can’t yet.”
B.  “You can do it!”
C.  “You can do it and here’s why.”
D.  “You’d better do it!”

My trainer is  
A.  My ticket to health.
B.  My fitness partner.
C.  My tutor.
D.  My master.
Favorite gym soundtrack?
A.  Softly encouraging words.
B.  Something with a beat!
C.  NPR.
D.  Sweat hitting the floor.
Mercy is  
A.  What I need right now.
B.  Something I earn.
C.  Intermittently necessary for proper muscle recovery.
D.  For the weak.

If I’m not at the gym, I’m most likely  
A.  Rehabbing.
B.  Doing something else.
C.  Reading the Economist.
D.  Weak, lazy scum.
Thinking about the gym makes me feel  
A.  Hopeful.
B.  Sometimes motivated, sometimes unmotivated.
C.  Scientifically detached.
D.  Like Rambo.
What is soreness?
A.  Something I’m hoping to avoid.
B.  Proof of my hard work.
C.  A buildup of lactic acids in muscle fibers.
D.  A way of life.
Which of these best defines your pain threshold?
A.  Stubbing my toe.
B.  Getting punched in the face.
C.  The minimum intensity of a stimulus that is perceived as painful.
D.  Nothing can break me.
I exercise to  
A.  Recover health and range of motion.
B.  Look good naked.
C.  Improve my ratio of lean muscle mass to fat.
D.  Fit into my wedding dress.

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  • Greg

    The professor should know what soreness really is. (Lactic acid is removed from muscle fiber within an hour of intense exercise). Especially, if we have to listen to his over technical answers to simple questions.