Body by Boston: Build Strength

By Casey Lyons | Boston Magazine |

If you answered…

Mostly A’s
Choose: The Healer
Charles Inniss
Private trainer at Beacon Hill Athletic Club, 1089 Washington St., West Newton,
Best for: Transitioning from physical therapy to fitness; just getting started.
Style: Laid-back and low-key.

Mostly B’s
Choose: The Wingwoman
Dara Zall Kelly
Peapod Fitness, 1285 Beacon St., Brookline,
Best for: Lifestyle and long-term health and fitness.
Style: Using positive reinforcement.

Mostly C’s
Choose: The Professor
John Sarsfield
Equinox Back Bay, 131 Dartmouth St., Boston,
Best for: Tech, business, or engineering professionals; the detail-oriented.
Style: Integrating technology such as heart-rate monitors for accountability.

Mostly D’s
Choose: The Drill Sergeant
CJ Murphy
Total Performance Sports, 68 Vine St., Everett,
Best for: Elite exercisers; brides-to-be.
Style: “I don’t make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world.
I make you feel like you can do better every time.”


  • Greg

    The professor should know what soreness really is. (Lactic acid is removed from muscle fiber within an hour of intense exercise). Especially, if we have to listen to his over technical answers to simple questions.