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By Anne Vickman | Boston Magazine |

IF YOU’VE NEVER heard of yoga, let us be the first to welcome you out of your apocalypse bunker. Happy 2012! But if you’ve simply never tried it, start slowly. “Be kind to your body,” says David Vendetti, co-owner of South Boston Yoga Studio. “If your body says it doesn’t feel right, it’s definitely not for you.” Not right now, that is. But a little practice and your body will be firm and flexible in no time.

Stress Less

Release your inner tension without ever breaking a sweat.

Chances are your daily commute carries you right to the brink of overstressed. But what if you could undo your worries — work headaches, road rage, and all — in the same amount of time?

[sidebar]Herbert Benson, director of the Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Mass General, claims that’s all it takes. For the past 40 years, he’s been singing the praises of the Relaxation Response, a fast-acting chill-out technique he developed that now boasts thousands of devotees.

Here’s how it works: While breathing slowly and sitting comfortably with closed eyes, start repeating a simple word (Benson suggests “one”), phrase, or movement for up to 20 minutes. If you get distracted, just return to your word.

Sound easy? It is. And Benson insists that it works. According to his research, the Relaxation Response causes a stressed-out body to change. In the short term, metabolism and heart rate decrease. Over the long haul, immunity increases and cells appear to age more slowly. If it’s a miracle drug, your brain is the pharmacy. And the best part? It’s always open.

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Illustration by Resident Alien