Roughing It

MICHAEL KRUPP HAND-SAWS cords of maple wood to be stacked neatly into a bin at Area Four, his “coffee/bakery/bar/oven” establishment in Cambridge. The bespoke timber will later be used in the restaurant’s wood-burning oven, which turns out menu items such as croissant-topped mac ’n’ cheese and Wellfleet clam and bacon pizza. But it also reflects Krupp’s appreciation for all things rustic.

“My whole aesthetic is, as much as possible, to keep autumn going year round,” says 33-year-old Krupp, who’s wearing a fashionable mix of flannel plaids and heathered wool. And he’s not shy about his “weird for a Jewish kid from the suburbs” obsessions — target-shooting, chopping wood. “I’m lucky I have all my fingertips,” he jokes.

Mirroring its proprietor, Area Four boasts salvage-chic accents—beer-growler lights above the bar, a barn door as a room divider, and tables rescued from Krupp’s previous venture with chef Michael Leviton, Persephone.

Krupp has worn many hats — music-video producer, ­commercial appraiser, acquisitions analyst — and it’s clear his peregrine ways have informed Area Four’s eclectic vibe. “We’re one of very few places where everyone can feel comfortable,” he says.

Photo at top by Scott M. Lacey

Click through the slideshow to see what inspires Krupp’s urban woodsman style.