Fitness Resource Guide

By Casey Lyons | Boston Magazine |

Casual to Hardcore: Fighting Styles

What: Active meditation and stress release.
Where: The Boston School of Boabom, 33A Harvard St., Brookline,
Most popular class: Osseous Boabom, an entry-level offering focused on defense movements
and breathing.
Chances of bleeding: Nonexistent (zero contact).
Bonus: Advanced students get to use staffs and other implements.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
What: Grappling and ground fighting, plus chokes and submission moves.
Where: Kimura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 15 N. Beacon St. Watertown; and other locations;
Most popular class: Beginners, which meets at 6:15 p.m.
Chances of bleeding: Low and accidental.
Bonus: School values fun over aggression, and is kid-friendly.

What: Get in the ring.
Where: Peter Welch’s Gym, 371 Dorchester Ave., Boston,
Most popular class: Fighter Conditioning, a fat-burning workout built around a pro fighter’s regimen.
Chances of bleeding: Fair (sparring is optional).
Bonus: Peter Welch, the owner, is a former Golden Gloves champion.

Mixed Martial Arts
What: Various fighting techniques.
Where: Redline Fight Sports, 614 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge,
Most popular class: Fight or Fitness, which maximizes agility through body-weight exercises, plus combat moves.
Chances of bleeding: Good during sparring.
Bonus: Join the novice team, or watch professional fighters compete.