• jo

    I think it’s wonderful that Somerville is finally on the list of “Best placed to live”……….however I take exception to being called “The New Cambridge” as we are nothing like Cambridge nor do we wish to be. I have lived here all of my 52 years and don’t like the comparison

  • John

    note to Kimberly Blanton…
    Can you let me know what period the Warren Group used to determine/report medium home prices in your article on 2012 top places to live???
    John Durkin, Coldwell Banker-Cohasset

  • Niki Vettel

    Hurray for recognizing Winthrop to be the wonderful small town that it is! This Summer, we’re adding Thursday nights’ French Square Open-Air Market to the list of what makes Winthrop-by-the-Sea such a special place…and the Ferry really is the tops. Just note: ticket prices have gone up for individual tickets this year, but are a bargain if you buy a book!

  • Brooke

    Some years you include towns and some years you don’t…
    Westborough is well withing the 495 belt, why is it not inlcuded?

  • http://bostonmagazine.com Courtney Hollands

    Hi Brooke: Thanks for your comment. We consider towns that are within the 495 loop — and just one corner of Westborough qualifies: Google map.

    I looked back at our past “Best Places to Live” issues from 2008 to 2012, and Westborough wasn’t included.

    You’ll notice that this year we did make an exception for your neighbor to the north — Northborough — because it’s home to the state’s best grocery store: Wegmans.

    Courtney Hollands
    Senior Editor, Boston Magazine

  • i h8 this