Here’s Bobby Valentine

The new manager of the Red Sox is brash, opinionated….and about to make them a hell of a lot more interesting, whether you like it or not.

By Jason Schwartz | Boston Magazine |

Photo by Michael Warren

IN THE WHIRLWIND of coming here, is there anything that’s surprised you?
Well, I’m still getting acclimated, so I’ll say that all life experiences are fun, and they’re the most fun when they’re new or they’re the best.

Have you gotten a chance yet to discover the joys of the Boston real estate market?
I’m trying to. I’ve only gotten to look at a few places. I haven’t had time, you know. I’d like to live somewhere close to the ballpark.

We’ll give the address so all the fans can come visit you.
Exactly, that would be something that I’d like.

How was it for you in New York? Everybody always says that people there leave celebrities alone when they’re walking down the street.
Really? I never really found that to be the case.

How do you think New York and Boston are different?  
It seems like a greater part of the population here takes ownership with what I’m doing.

We’re sort of a little more crazy here.
More crazy?

Have you had any interesting interactions with fans? Do people come up to you?
Everyone comes up to me. I guess I’m very approachable.

Has it been all positive?
I guess. I think right now I’m still in the honeymoon, so it’s been fun.

I ask because, going back to the way last season ended —  
Maybe they feel like I wasn’t a part of what happened at the end of last season, so they’re giving me a bit of a break.

It feels like a level of cynicism, or anger, that we haven’t felt around here in a while has crept back into fans. Have you run into that?
Cynicism? No, I think I’ve run into true emotion. I think that true emotion is a good thing.

Is there anything that you can do, or the team can do, to win back some of the trust people lost last year?
Now? I don’t think so. It’ll probably take a whole season. It took a whole season to have them feel whatever they feel. Why shouldn’t it take a whole season to remove it?

Fans seem to be lumping your hiring process in with the problems from last season. Everybody was speculating about the dynamics between Larry Lucchino and Ben Cherington — and who really made the decision. Have you heard from any fans who were skeptical about how that went?
Not one iota of any of that.

Not from anyone, except for you. It’s the first time I’ve heard about skepticism.