Over the Moon

By Christine Liu | Boston Magazine |

DAVA NEWMAN, AN MIT PROFESSOR and director of the school’s technology and policy program, lives and breathes exploration. Whether orbiting the earth on the space shuttle, designing a biomedical “second skin” for children with cerebral palsy, or simply playing the bongos, she’s always seeking novel ways to do things. Take the aeronautics and astronautics specialist’s signature breakthrough, the Bio-Suit: The light, flexible astronaut garment is now on exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Even when on sabbatical, Newman has trouble sitting still. She’s currently taking five months to sail from Marblehead to Guatemala, with stops in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and the Bay Islands. “Please excuse all of the typos, and it’d be great if you can correct them,” she writes to me while aboard the vessel. “I only have my iPad, and we are rocking and rolling out here in about 10-foot seas.”

Where does this lifelong voyager find inspiration? Scroll down the slideshow below to find out.

Photo above by Douglas Sonders


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