• Sarah Wenig

    The tug of war waged by in-line (storefront) retail stores and restaurants against street vendors, kiosk and pushcart owners in malls and now, food trucks is as old as NYC’s Delancey Street. Probabley older. What is going on now is the battle of the campaign donors as we rev up for (hopefully) a contested Mayoral race in 2013. If only we had a City Hall leader and staff that saw fit AND had the know-how to make the mobile and the stationary work to mutual advantage and to the advantage of the 100% of us that eat. We don’t.

  • LIL

    This is a great country ! It is so so sad that we pay for people to stop us from growing & mess it up . We food truck people are like pioneers. These hi pd. people should be ashamed of them selves trying to stop good hard working people like us for trying to make a living . We are trying to just get through this short life without hurting or being a burden on anyone . And make a little money & put a smile on some ones face. The toughest part of this is the harassment, & people sitting in there nice chair behind there desk in a worm room with there hands in are pockets. That’s even harder then working out in the 30’ weather . A Food Truck Gal ! & Not giving up ! !! If they could only with us . But that would be something smart.

  • Matt C.

    When will Boston change? I try to be optimistic and I believe it’s generational and when more progressive, open-minded, people get into these elected official positions that things will be different. The comment made about Emily Benson’s fashion truck business is discouraging. The City of Boston doesn’t want an local entrepreneur (she’s from Westford MA) growing a business? Think about the area she was in. The Borders book shop is a now waste of space, why not allow a business there that’s actually appealing to young professionals going to work rather then some pushcart vendor selling cheap Red Sox t-shirts and Boston souvenirs. I can’t wait for the new high-end Walgreens to go instead….

  • KG for 3

    Thanks to the visionary leadership that has brought food trucks and long lines for food trucks to Boston. People are voting with their feets for the food trucks and more good things are coming all the time such as partnerships with the farmers markets. A++!

  • EFP3

    I love the food trucks! I go to New York and Portland, Oregon quite a bit and they have some absolutely amazing food truck vendors there–they’re great and I hope Boston figures this out soon. This should not be difficult to resolve .. both NYC and P’land have parking issues too and they’re succeeding quite well. Ah, Boston 🙁

  • Manda

    Thanks for the great read and insight. Hopefully Boston will catch up…