• http://www.BeerNationShow.com Seth @BeerNationShow

    There are a bunch on this list that I have to make sure to find during my next trip up to Boston. August takes me to Maine, so a visit to the Maine Beer Company looks like a must.

    • Scott Lewis

      If you are going to visit Maine and you are a craft ale enthusiast, you must visit the Allagash Brewery in Portland. They have truly outstanding ale and provide an excellent tour.

  • http://www.baublesandbeer.com Kristen Leonard

    CBC’s Audacity of Hops, Pretty Things Jack D’Or and Slumbrew Porter Square Porter are all in my regular rotation. Great to see strong representation from Cambridge/Somerville. Drink local!

  • Fivemicsmax

    Wow. Magic hat? Not craft beer. Owned by labatts people. Thanks for giving Vermont love. Heady topper? Double sunshine? Fayston maple imperial stout? Edward? Abner? Everett?

  • jeremy

    this list is pretty weak. how do you not have anything from sam adams or harpoon, both of whom are responsible for reinvigorating the craft beer renaissance in new england. poor form…

    • jeremy

      or lawson’s, hill farmstead, the alchemist. dig a little deeper people

  • John

    I’m really curious how you selected the 33 beers to evaluate. Because based on this list, I’m having a hard time believing the authors have explored the world of New England craft beer much at all. Some of the inclusions are as staggering as the omissions.

    • Julia

      33 breweries, not 33 beers.

      • John

        Oh, oh, 33 breweries not 33 beers? Thanks for attention to detail on semantics but not the beers brewed in New England.

        That still doesn’t excuse the complete omission of anything by Hill Farmstead or the Alchemist’s Heady Topper (probably the best 2x IPA in not only New England, but the entire *country*.) Or how about Ghandi Bot?

        Why do I get the impression that this list was compiled based on what’s available in Davis Square?

  • Jay

    The Alchemist Heady Topper, Lawson’s Finest, Hill Farmstead, Mystic Brewery, Backlash Declaration. I know some of these are not easy to get but they should at least be mentioned.

  • http://beer411.blogspot.com Tony

    Any reason why nothing from CT is on this list?

  • HDQ

    How could The Alchemist Heady-Topper not even be on this list? You look at reviews, people are saying it’s the perfect IPA if there ever was one and stores can’t even keep it in stock. There is so much demand for that beer and it’s so good!

  • Steve A

    To not include Hill Farmstead (who has 18 of the top 50 New England beers according to beeradvocate) and Alchemist’s Heady Topper (which is reviewed in the top three IPA’s in the country alongside Pliny The Elder and Pliny the Younger from Russian River in California) is just a shame. Also no mention of the illusive Lawson’s Finest Liquids? I know that the three breweries are tough to find stuff from, but having something illusive just adds to the challenge of finding brews listed, and makes the experience far more rewarding.

  • ? Walt

    Snarky comment on Peak’s Organic’s Simcoe Spring Ale. Every word of their comments are true. It’s the true best in class. Omitting Peak was a major oversight. It offers the best in class in several categories.

  • Davis Parker

    It’s hard for me to think that most of the Smutty Nose brews did not make the top 15 beers. Their Old Brown Dog to me is the finest brew, especially on draft at the Portsmouth Brewery. Who are the people that chose these brews?

  • http://barriobites.wordpress.com/ Brendan

    Hate to say it, but this is why San Diego has Boston beat by a mile in terms of craft beer. You don’t need to leave the state, let alone the city, to enjoy a truly amazing beer from a truly amazing brewery. Boston needs more breweries within city limits, not elsewhere. I’m not discrediting the quality of the beers; I’ve had a few of those on the list and they are excellent. But I love how I can bounce quickly from brewery to brewery in SD without driving more than 20-30 minutes (and some breweries are so close I can just bike from brewery to brewery). This is why SD is the best craft beer area in the US.

    • Drink Craft Beer

      Hey Brendan, bikeable from Boston are Night Shift, Idle Hands (they’re actually right next to each other), Mystic (down the road from the first two), Cambridge Brewing Co., Beer Works, Trillium, Harpoon and John Harvard’s. Plus I know of at least one more in the works. If you want to add a 30 minute car ride, you can hit Jack’s Abby in Framingham. If you want to add all the breweries in Western MA (still in the state afterall) you’ve got a ton more awesome brews. Plus there are a bunch of great beers made up in Ipswich at the Mercury facility or down in Westport.

      Beyond that, Boston is a small city geographically, which is very different from cities out west. Most brewers can’t afford to have space in the city. That said, places like Night Shift are as far from city center as many breweries that are in the city proper out west. We just have a smaller area called “Boston” so we have to include some of the surrounding towns.

      Drink Craft Beer

  • Guest

    Nothing from Night Shift in Everett? I’m honestly shocked. Their brews are so unique and tasty I can’t believe they didn’t make the list at all!

  • poop

    I agree with most of these posters. And where’s the love for my boys at Clown Shoes?? Hoppy Feet, Vampire Slayer, etc. Absolutely amazing beers.

  • erik

    agreed Heady Topper is the best beer EVER and not even mentioned? Blasphemous.. and as someone who does enjoy the Audacity of Hops, to see it 6 spots in front of Lunch, which is as amazing of a beer as heady topper? BS this is list is SHIT!

    • erik

      whoops thats not even Lunch in the 8 spot! my bad, saw the label and just assumed it was there as it should be #2 next to heady topper..

  • CrowS95

    One word: Geary’s. It HAS to be on this list. Period.

  • Keith Rogers

    Real top 15:

    1. Heady Topper

    2. Hill Farmstead Abner

    3. Hill Farmstead Flora

    4. Lawson’s Double Sunshine

    5. Jack’s Abby Barrel-Aged Framminghammer

    6. Hill Farmstead Edward

    7. Hill Farmstead Everett

    8. Jack’s Abby Kiwi Rising

    9. Allagash Coolship Red

    10. Hill Farmstead Double Citra

    11. Allagash Resurgam

    12. Pretty Things Jack D’or

    13. Hill Farmstead Ann

    14. Hill Farmstead Susan

    15. Maine Brewing Lunch

    • KC

      Hill Farmstead Everett is alright, and the rest of their beer is mediocre at best. Snobbery for the sake of it does not make it good.

      • CPC

        mediocre huh? How are the mushrooms? seem to be working well. Hill Farmstead is untouchable. What are your top 3?

  • SkinnyPete

    Yeah, no Hill Farmstead brews and no Heady Topper doesn’t just put this list into question – it exposes the author as obviously not having the knowledge to compile such a list. If you exclude Heady and all Hill Farmstead brews in a Best of New England Craft Beer list – you’ve never had them. They’re that far above and beyond what other breweries are doing right now.

  • Elizadeath

    I’m ashamed nobody has mentioned Earth Eagle Brewings. Get off your IPA high horse, get yourself to Portsmouth, and go drink some.

  • Chris Cross

    Check out our documentary on the craft beer movement (http://www.facebook.com/brewland) or at (brewlandfilm.tumblr.com)!

    We will be speaking some of the greatest brewers in Vermont and Massachusetts including The Alchemist, Hill Farmstead, Samuel Adams, and many more…

  • Chris Cross

    Check out our documentary on the craft beer movement (http://www.facebook.com/brewland) or at (brewlandfilm.tumblr.com)!

    We will be speaking some of the greatest brewers in Vermont and Massachusetts including The Alchemist, Hill Farmstead, Samuel Adams, and many more…

  • Nancy Columb

    Vermont only got credit for one beer, and it was Magic Hat?! I mean I know we tend to specialize in a bajillion breeds of IPA but we do have other good stuff! I’m rather sad and a little offended. =(

    • Janet Miller

      I think Magic Hat has a number of good beers. But sadly, as I mentioned in my comment above, it’s no longer considered a craft beer. I’d love to know what the other “good stuff” is.

  • Christopher Jeffrey

    no heady topper? not legit

  • Janet Miller

    I came across this site because I was searching for a good New England craft beer. I was surprised to see Magic Hat #9 (which I LOVE) on the list. I’ve been a huge Magic Hat fan, but Magic Hat is NOT a craft beer, which I found out recently, AND they aren’t US owned. They’ve just gotten too big. It may be brewed in Vermont, but it’s now owned by a company called Cerveceria Costa Rica!! Magic Hat has fallen off the craft beer train. I was surprised to see it on the list here.

  • CPC

    nothing on this list should sniff the top God knows what. Back end of the top 1000 on a great day. wow. just wow. Magic hat was sweet when I was 18.