Ten Signs You're Dealing with an Almost Psychopath

1. Lacks empathy
They’re insensitive to others’ feelings, and when they show emotion, it’s often shallow. “When these people are confronted with angry faces, they don’t respond in ay way,” Schouten says.
Telltale catch phrase: “Why are you getting so upset?”

2. Makes self-serving moral choices
They cheat — at the self-checkout line, at work, and on their spouses and partners.
Telltale catch phrase: “This isn’t hurting anyone.”

3. Lies repeatedly and unnecessarily
They’ll fib about their job, their SAT score, or their military service. “It’s all about making themselves appear better, more intellectual, and more skilled than they really are,” Schouten says.
Telltale catch phrase: “Bill Clinton and I were just chatting….”

4. Is a master manipulator
They’ll spin tales to dupe, deceive, and distract, and the larger the authority figure they fool, the happier they are.
Telltale catch phrase: “Can you help out this Nigerian prince I know?”

5. Deflects blame
You can see it in domestic violence cases — with the offender blaming the victim for driving them into a rage — and also at the office. “They bitch and moan every year at their review when things don’t go their way,” Silver says.
Telltale catch phrase: “It’s not my fault.”

6. Shows no remorse
When they express regret, it’s often only because they’ve been caught. Many don’t even understand the concept of remorse, Schouten says. “You have to explain it to them.”
Telltale catch phrase: “Why would I be sorry?”

7. Is two-faced
They’re nice to your face, then talk about you behind your back. “And it’s not just with individual relationships, but loyalty to coworkers, organization, country, or any sort of committed relationship,” Schouten says.
Telltale catch phrase: “God, I can’t stand her.”

8. Ignores responsibilities
They shirk work duties, child-support payments, or financial obligations. They avoid credit card debt by opening new accounts — in someone else’s name.
Telltale catch phrase: “It completely slipped my mind.”

9. Uses people
The world is their oyster, and you’re picking up the tab.
Telltale catch phrase: “I totally forgot my wallet.”

10. Is superficially charming and glib
They try incredibly hard to make you like them, or think that they’re just like you. “It’s that fake flash of a smile, no sincerity behind it,” Schouten says.
Telltale catch phrase: “I love your [fill in the blank] — I have one just like it.”


  • Muzammil Patel

    A pure psychopath does not exist. As every heart trembles at some point.

  • Tim

    If you have seen a real psychopath… like i have… This is all so true.

    • xenonman

      …and I too have!

  • http://www.facebook.com/blkleckner Brooke Leighann Kleckner

    This is more then true..my ex was just diagnosed as a Psycho after being admitted to a mental ward..

  • Sammy jo

    It’s so true. My common-law husband acts this way. He is abusive, and blamed it all on me. I’m against him and his enemy. He can physically hurt nicene I cry, but he will still be angry and speak the ugliest words to me-as I’m crying in severe pain. There are also . His exuse is that he’s sick. He needs meds, but it’s not important to him. I live and love a psyco…I’m sad to say. Really, I am.

    • melanie_me

      You should leave right away. Unless, you are masochist and in that case, sounds like you found your soul mate!

  • Greg Higgs

    Sounds like Dick Cheney and George W. Bush to me.

  • Frank Jones

    Sounds like Sarah Palin

  • Joan Fry

    I have had the pleasure of working with a few of these people (all women interestingly). It’s like slash, burn and pillage. All of a sudden all that was good is gone. Too bad Higher ups don’t recognize it.

    • xenonman

      Sure, because women usually attract less suspicion and hostility!

  • Beth

    My nephew has the characteristics of a psychopath unfortunately the parents ignore it and never seek psychiatric help.

  • MaskOfControl

    I channel my negative behavior, hard as it may be. I will continue to remain hidden. My mask will always remain on. Can’t fathom why others can’t duplicate my actions. Passive I am, others…more aggressive.

    • MsMalevolent

      Others do that too. All the psychopaths that remain hidden do that. Non-psychopaths think we’re all like the ones on TV or in prison. You’re either a murderer or planning a murder. I don’t think we’re that bad. Though these things they describe come natural to us, it is easy for us to not do them. We have great control. Wolves have natural violent instincts, yet they can be easily trained. We train ourselves. It’s also easy to get lost in the disguise, when you wear the mask for so long. I feel I do have a personality, even if I created it over the years. I stick with it, and consider it myself, I’m who I want to be and so are you. Remain hidden, my “psycho” friend.

      • Michael Stewart

        I do not kill people because I do not want to end up in jail. I do not steal from people because they do not have anything i want. Why am I going to steal a second hand toshiba computer when I have two alienware computers.

  • HELP!

    Trying to figure out if this evil person is a sociopath or a psychopath. What is the difference?

    • Amadeus

      There are similarities and differences between these two dangerous mental disorders. Psychopaths are more obvious and creepy, you probably could tell that person is not right even if you don’t know directly; they’re behavior is often erratic and disorganized. They may also be very violent and brutal and also have aggressive tendencies and may be delusional. Sociopaths are considerably more dangerous because if you know one, he’s probably like able and very easy to get along with, and looks completely normal. Sociopaths are overt in there lack of overtness, and they go through great lengths to make sure it stays that way. Once you somehow find out this person is a sociopath, if you ask that person about it or anything that you would ask after finding out about it, they’ll deny it and insist you’re wrong. They’re manipulative, devious, shockingly cruel because they have no sense of remorse and are totally devoid of empathy; and are most definitely brilliant. If you DO find out that this person is sociopathic, don’t talk about it or say anything that you wouldn’t have if you thought he was normal and don’t act suspicious; they’ll probably deduce that you’re onto them, and kill you.

  • Benton

    Apparently Obama is the classic Psychopath, every single trait fits him to a tee.

  • Michael Stewart

    I think I am psychopath because these are traits I have, Except I pay my bills because I am concerned about being broke. I do not lie about accomplishment because i do not need to. Rather than make up an accomplishment I will accomplish the act first then gloat about it.