The Girl with the Chanel Tattoo

Is East Bridgewater mom Jackie Fraser-Swan the fashion world’s next big thing?

Fraser-Swan has budgeted some $60,000 for tonight’s show, which includes the $30,000 venue fee and thousands more for public relations, production, lighting, photography and videography, invitations, and a stylist. Now it’s nearly time to begin her show, and she scans the 15 assistants dressing her 21 models.

The lights go down and models emerge from backstage, sashaying and strutting down the runway to the thumping beats of “L.O.V.E.” by British songstress VV Brown. The show is minimal and slick. Rather than theatrics and props, the focus is on the designs worn by the wire-thin human hangers in dark lipstick.

Nine minutes later, everything winds down. The models peacock back onto the runway for one last turn. The attendees who aren’t capturing the final parade on iPhones clap as Fraser-Swan, grinning widely, takes 10 measured steps down the catwalk, gives a half wave, and mouths “thank you.” Then she darts to the sidelines to kiss her daughters before retreating backstage. Dozens of photographers shuffle out, as does the Lucky editor who’s been sitting a few seats down from Mary Nobile-King, who is Fraser-Swan’s friend and the boutique director at Chanel on Newbury Street.

Soon, Fraser-Swan and her entourage decamp to an after-party at the Empire Hotel across the street. Since Fashion Week moved uptown from Bryant Park in 2010, the hotel has become the see-and-be-seen spot for postshow drinks, the place where models, media, and wannabes mingle. Tonight, there are reporters uploading photos and filing dispatches from cushy couches with animal-print pillows while the beau monde and Valentine’s Day revelers sip Gossip Girl–themed cocktails in the lobby, but Fraser-Swan’s clan bypasses the scene for an intimate fete at the exclusive rooftop bar.


  • http://BostonMagazine Cynthia

    I just do not understand how this “designer” who comes from mega-means and has been able to show her line (Emerson) in two Lincoln Center shows has not given you ONE image for this article of her clothing – not even ONE! I have no idea who she is, except that she has money, to do what she has a passion for. Where are the images of her collections? How can you write a piece like this without images? I just do not understand – at all. Please explain. I do not care to see a photo of her. After reading this very long article, I want to see the goods. Insane.

  • http://BostonMagazine Cynthia

    In addition, the photo taken of her sitting at her desk – with no education in fashion design – appearing to be sketching her latest collection, is totally false PR.

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

    She has no fashion experience, and it is reflected in the designs she put out on the runway- and won’t even show in the article. She isn’t an ambitious upstart, she is the daughter of a successful family that has given her money to keep her entertained. Take away Daddy’s money and watch her fizzle.