Way More Mr. Nice Guy

Scott Brown rode his pickup, barn  coat, and  genuine  likability  all  the  way  to the  U.S. Senate  in  2010. Two  years  later  the  charm  offensive  is  back and  bigger  than  ever. But  can  Brown  convince  Massachusetts voters to return  him  to Washington  just  because  he’s  a  good man?

In early June, I meet Alice Shea during a Brown campaign event at a strawberry festival in Danvers. A pleasant middle-aged woman, she’s wearing a “Brown for Senate” hoodie. Shea is precisely the kind of voter Brown’s going to need to win. She tells me that her father always insisted that she forever remain three things: an American, a Catholic, and a Democrat. But as she’s grown older, she says, she’s begun questioning that third point. She makes a joke about coming out of the closet as a Republican. Brown has been the catalyst for her evolution, and she tells me that character should come before party. If you were to keel over on the sidewalk, she says, and someone were to offer you CPR, you wouldn’t ask him what party he belonged to. Character is what matters, and she likes Brown’s.

What about his policies? I ask. Does she agree with them?

“Not always,” she acknowledges.

And when she doesn’t?

“I e-mail him,” she says, though she concedes that she usually doesn’t change his mind. But, she tells me, he knows more about the issues than she does. And besides, he’s such a nice guy.


Read about Scott Brown’s opponent, Elizabeth Warren.


  • carol

    Obviously, by your article you are not a supporter of Brown. However, go back to 2010 and look at his campaign promises. He has not broken one!!!
    He is a breath of fresh air in this sorry congress because he has crossed the aisle on several important bill. From day one he has been against raising taxes and the bills where the Democrats try to slip in a tax hike he has voted against…..again not breaking his promises.
    Massachusetts should be proud of this man.
    However, I suppose you want someone who doesn’t study bills and will vote yes with a “D” by it regardless.

  • Kevin

    My friend’s brother knows the author of this story and all I can say is Bill is extremely biased towards the party he supports. Men like this should not be allowed to report the news as they attempt to twist it to their point of view. Also, they will ignore any news that makes their party look bad. I must wonder how many articles Bill has writen about operation fast and furious. My guess is zero, but keep spining the news to fit your political agenda Bill. Then wonder why more and more people do not believe or trust the media.