• Jean Allison

    I wonder why your article focused only on one small set of horse lovers as there are many of us who are devoted to our animals and work hard to keep them. Costs are high and it takes a lot of work and struggle to keep the animals we love. You wrote this article for a particular “set” ( “as if” you are shocked!) and didn’t do much homework. I invite you to come to EquineAffaire at the Big E (not so fancy, eh?) and meet the many hundreds of wonderful horse lovers who are not shown in your silly photos. Visit some of the wonderful lesson barns around MA where kids who “don’ fit in” DO fit in and find their self esteem. You missed the point: the power of connecting with another living being. Try it sometime.

  • Cathy Ann Savino-Kedzierski

    “….after a thorough reading of this article, it was quite apparent that the writer thought very little of the depicted equestrian sports and many times, said writer was downright sarcastic. If this article was well researched, it would have included the “other side” of this much loved sport and……..that would illustrate the hard working people of New England who aren’t steeped in money but work hard to keep an equine partner in their life!

    And on a different note, I wonder if the people who gave permission for use of their photos and names, had any idea that the tone of the article would be akin to “mocking” them.”

  • Shannon Brown

    This article has left me stunned. The author is spewing nothing but her opinion and CLEARLY knows nothing about horses and about the passionate riders who devote themselves to them. Extremely ignorant and mean-spirited article.

  • Shelly

    More media bias!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MarissaMeyzen Marissa Meyzen

    Shallow article

  • L.A. Pomeroy

    As a professional equestrian journalist in this industry for 25+ years, it was pure delight to read this. You’re spot-on in delivering the view that the horse world has created for itself to the outside public. And, judging from the prior remarks this article has ‘spurred,’ its denizens don’t appreciate the turning of the mirror inward. But your perceptions are accurate, your humour delightfully tart and smart, and kudos for Boston Magazine’s cheeky fearlessness to present it. Kudos as well to your more recent (2013) report putting some of Wellington’s elite feet to the fire, too.

  • Ted

    So many errors in your polo portion of the story. Hardly any are rescued from the race track. The ball is hardly the size of a grapefruit. A baseball would be a much better comparison. Did you really attend the game? Your knowledge seems so limited to have gained approval from any savvy editor. Pure drivel!

  • DevNull

    Der. Please stop blocking North St. in Medfield with your overcompensated fantasies and problematic traffic-blocking events. Enough is enough, the world has moved on from the last of a dying breed. If you are so concerned with connecting with animals and nature, go cleanup behind your barn, the crud and mud that you delapidate with on all the trails around here, and use some of that disposable imcome that is so readily flowing around and sponsor a recreation rail trail for all the rest of the working people in the town who can’t afford a horse and its support entourage derst di Needelandes. Just my $0.02 pittence Thanks! 🙂