The 50 Best Restaurants 2012: A Closer Look

For six of the restaurants on our 2012 list, we go a step further by showing you what makes them outstanding. Check out all of our 50 Best Restaurants 2012 coverage.

Back Bay

It’s not enough here to serve the butteriest seared foie gras, earthiest escargot, and most tender buttermilk-braised chicken. A variety of molecular powders and extracts keep the dishes as texturally and visually intriguing as they are delicious.

a closer look at clio

A Peek Into Clio’s Toolkit

closer look at clio 1. Aguni Sea Salt: An obscure Japanese finishing salt, used rather than fleur de sel on meats like Wagyu beef.
closer look at clio 2. Honey Powder: Melted, stretched, and pulled like sugar for a striking garnish.
closer look at clio 3. Chicory Granules: Infuses stocks, sauces, and flavored sodas.
closer look at clio 4. Agar-Agar: A seaweed-derived substance ideal for sheetlike “noodles.”
closer look at clio 5. Menthol Crystals: Reinforces and intensifies fresh mint flavors.
closer look at clio 6. Pectin: Used for chewy gummies, jellies, and pâté de fruit.
closer look at clio 7. Carrageenan Iota: Helps to mold and set custards.
a closer look at clio 8. Licorice Extract Sticks: Ground down to flavor licorice-roasted duck and other meat-based sauces.
closer look at clio 9. Low-Acyl Gellan Gum: Used to create gels.