• Tracy

    Taste a cup of George Howell’s coffee and you won’t ever be able to go back to the dreck coffee they serve at Starbucks. There’s a reason they do such big business in over-sweetened drinks–the coffee itself tastes pretty terrible. Terroir coffee, on the other hand, is rich and complex and delicious.

    Take a tour of the facility in Acton and talk to anyone there, and they’ll convey the passion that goes into every bag of beans–without the pretentiousness that can be a turn-off in some local cafes.

    And for warm, excellent customer service, look no further than Jerry, who works at the Acton roastery and is as down-to-earth and nice as can be.

    I hope George Howell brings a cafe to downtown Boston. Thinking Cup and the Clover food truck are lovely, but they’re independent oases in a desert of Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks.

    It’s worth noting that Terroir coffees are carried in Donelan’s grocery stores, too. That’s how I get my fix!

    • Chris Wilson

      He does, its at the Boston Public Market!

  • Olga Doherty

    You have no idea how disappointed I was when Coffee Connection was sold to Starbucks. I have had to endure Starbucks coffee in the morning, for convenience sake, since they opened a shop in the Transportation Building, but I do not buy their coffee beans. I love my coffee on a daily basis (at least one cup) and during lunch time I explore the other coffee shops in the downtown Boston area to find a cup that matched the coffee that Coffee Connection prepared. I’d love to see a George Howell Coffee Shop in the downtown area.

  • http://www.bostonmagazine.com/articles/2012/11/george-howell-coffee-connection-starbucks/ Cari

    I remember trying Sumatran coffee for the first time at the store in Harvard Square. It changed the way I thought about coffee. Later I moved to Belmont where there was a Coffee Connection in the center. I was so sad when it turned into Star Bucks. I have never liked Star Bucks coffee as it tastes burned, not rich and delicious. Actually, our sons were friends for a few years until we lost touch. All of my younger children have heard the story of how good the coffee was, hence, years later my daughter sent me this article. As I no longer live in the Boston area, I am wondering if I can order the coffee from somewhere.

  • mundo472

    Funny reading the critique of Howell not connecting to customers! He pioneered public tastings and was never snotty about his recommendations for cupping. Barismo, on the other hand, REFUSES to provide cream and their clerks/baristas have a studied approach for making one feel like a cretin for asking.
    Staff at GH’s Newton shop, in contrast, are equally exacting, but infinitely more pleasant.
    I just wish SOMEONE could get their hands on some celebes/sulawesi!
    Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed the article!