• agingcynic

    Funny, when the same things happen to basketball groupies, this outrage doesn’t come up. Gee, I wonder what could be the difference?

  • http://storrs@comcast.net David Storrs

    This is, at best, a hatchet job on one of BU’s long-time leaders. Let’s keep in mind that Jack Parker’s job is, in the end, to coach a hockey team. He is neither babysitter nor bodyguard. While two of Parker’s players were last year charged with crimes, one pled guilty to assault and battery, the other had the charges dropped. While that instance didn’t bring glory to the school or the hockey program, it’s hardly enough to indict a coach on, much less call for his resignation. On the positive side of the ledger, Jack Parker has done uncountable good for both hockey and, more importantly, for Boston University. BU put four critical players, including the team captain and goalie, on the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” Olympic Gold Medal team. The Terriers have won 29 of the 57 Beanpots played, more than half the total. Countless BU players have played in the NHL. For all the team’s success, it is only natural that Parker be heralded by the school as a visible beacon of success. Remember, Jack Parker raises money not only for BU Hockey, but for all of Boston University. Perhaps the University should have taken better control of the situation earlier and recommended that Parker defer on disciplinary issues. Without question, however, the good done by Jack Parker at BU far, far outweighs any unfortunate acts to which some of his players might be accused. Any call for Jack Parker’s job is just plain wrong.

    David Storrs
    Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

  • http://empiricalreport.posterous.com/ Epistemic Padrino™

    How much did Boston College pay Jason Schwartz to write this article? Fairly well written attempt to create a smear campaign. Jack Parked did the ONLY thing Jack Parked could do, which was to revoke the alleged (now admitted) offender’s privilege to play for a D1 Hockey Program. #GoNorthEastern!