• chris mandell

    I’ve always had good experiences at the Sugar Bakery in West Roxbury, so when a friend invited me to have lunch with her at the Sugar Restaurant in Roslindale, I had high expectations. I got there before my friend did, and noticed that there were several empty tables, so I sat myself down at a table for 2. This is the protocol at the West Roxbury Sugar Bakery; one is just supposed to seat oneself, and I (perhaps very naively) assumed that it was the same here. No sooner did I sit down than a very snippy waitress came over and angrily told me, “There are PEOPLE WAITING!!!” I had indeed seen people waiting, but I assumed that they were just waiting for their friends to show up; I had had no idea that they were waiting for a table. Had I known that, I certainly never would have sat down. All I needed was for the waitress to matter-of-factly explain the situation to me; I certainly didn’t need to be scolded for my mistake. Her attitude turned me off to the idea of eating there, but before I left, I went to use the restroom. As soon as I got into the restroom, I saw a HUGE cockroach– perhaps an inch and a half long by an inch wide– scurrying around the floor like he owned the place. This cockroach really had an attitude problem; I wondered if he were related to the waitress. My friend and I ended up having a very pleasant lunch at Village Sushi, which has excellent food, wonderful waitresses, and a peaceful, happy atmosphere. My advice: stay away from
    Sugar in Roslindale, and go to the one in West Roxbury instead.