• http://mcslimjb.blogspot.com/ MC Slim JB

    A very thought-provoking piece. While I’m guilty of contributing to the hype cycle here (my Stuff Magazine review of West Bridge with a highlight on the egg dish was the earliest of the pro reviews on the place), I think in general that overconsumption of reviews of any aesthetic experience is a mistake.

    Read enough to convince yourself you want to go (try the restaurant, see the movie, watch the band live, etc.), then stop reading reviews. The issue now, as the author points out, is that there are now thousands of potential reviews to read — most of them by amateurs whose tastes you know nothing about, and thus shouldn’t be considering their advice seriously to begin with — so it’s easy to build unreasonable expectations before you ever set foot in a place. Pick trusted critics, pro or amateur, as they can help you identify places you’re likely to enjoy, but don’t spoil the experience before you go with overpreparation.

  • http://40-somethinglife.blogspot.com Tracey

    What an absolutely fascinating take on the Foodie. Being a foodie myself, I do and dont disagree with you. I remember hype over a duck dish at Blue Inc. that I wanted to be blown away by like you, but I thought it was just good. Or maybe it was better than good but the hype was too big for the dish. Almost like being disappointed in a movie everyone raves about.

    I still like to read reviews whether a yelper, blogger or mainstream critic and know what would be good to try at a restaurant but I also try to go for something different like the carrot dish.

    The sad part comes when a dish has been slammed as equally as one that has been raved about and you could miss out on trying something extraordinary.

    I am still not sure where I stand but thank you for writing something for myself as a blogger to think about.