• Rochelle

    I thought this article would be a little more expansive. There are so many more restaurants serving Ramen than just the five listed above.

    My personal favorite is Pikaichi located in the Super 88 on Packard’s Corner in Allston. They have a variety of ramen styles such as a shio, shoyu, miso and a new super spicy broth called jigoku. They also have yuzu-flavored broth as well. 🙂 Hokkai shio is my favorite. They have excellent, friendly and quick service and they also advertise that they use more noodles than the average ramen bowl would have.

    Yakitori Zai, a fairly new Japanese bbq restaurant that is located in the South End, also just started their Ramen Weekends. They serve 3 types of ramen. Chicken (a really flavorful broth, served with a poached egg and shredded chicken. A smaller portion is also served in the regular dinner menu), tonkatsu (rich, pork-based brother with thinner noodles and slow-cooked pork belly) and tomato (an interesting take on ramen, the toppings consist of smoked yellow tomatos, spinach and shredded hot pepper and broth is thick with hints of oregano. It’s almost like a fusion of ramen and spaghetti. It’s so good).
    Other random ramen places to mention:
    -Mentei off of Newbury on Hereford St. (Not too bad. Pretty cheap but no wow factor.)
    -Yumy’s on Harvard Ave. (Not the greatest in my opinion. All of their broths lack in depth).

  • Jeff

    Most of these are pretty good, but Boston has yet to open a Ramen place as good as Ippudo or Minca in NYC, much less any place that I’ve been to in Japan**. I haven’t tried that new yakitori in the South End yet, but I know they have a Ramen bowl that I’m excited to check out. Still waiting for something that lives up to high standards for a decent price. (**I don’t count Gucci because they’re an extremely difficult pop-up.)

  • balcobomber25

    Here in Thailand we can get better Ramen from a street cart for less than $1 than anything listed here.