Have $5?

...then you've got more than enough for one (or, in many cases, several) of these delicious items, all gathered from area Asian grocers, bakeries, and banh mi shops.

By Leah Mennies | Boston Magazine |

cheap asian food bostonPhoto by Bruce Peterson. Food styling by Monica Mariano/Ennis.

cheap asian food boston

1. Cold-cut banh mi, $3, Ba Le, Dorchester

2. Hot-dog-filled buns, $1.35 for four, Yi Soon Bakery, Allston

3. Orion cuttlefish peanut balls, $4, Hmart (Burlington)

4. Sweet purple-taro bun, $1.35, Yi Soon Bakery, Allston

5. Black milk tea with boba, $3.35, Infusions Tea Spa, Allston

cheap asian food boston

6. Tuyamaya cakes (multipack), $4.29, Hong Kong Supermarket, Allston

7. Meiji Pucca chocolate-filled crackers, $2, Hong Kong Supermarket, Allston

8. Twist doughnut, $1.50, Café Japonaise, Brookline

9. Green-tea cake, $5, Café Japonaise, Brookline

10. Adzuki cream puff (filled with red beans and whipped cream), $3.50, Café Japonaise, Brookline

11. Tuyamaya cakes (multipack), $4.29, Hong Kong Supermarket, Allston

12. Heavy-cream shoku pan bread, $4.50, Café Japonaise, Brookline

cheap asian food boston

13. Crispy egg rolls, $5 for six, Ba Le, Dorchester

14. Crab crackers, $2, Hong Kong Supermarket, Allston

15. Peanut butter bun, $1, Yi Soon Bakery, Allston

16. Grilled-pork banh mi, $3.65, Pho Viet, Allston

17. Meiji Hello Panda strawberry-filled biscuits, $1.29, Hong Kong Supermarket, Allston

18. Vietnamese iced coffee, $3.50, Ba Le, Dorchester

cheap asian food boston

19. Strawberry brick toast, $3.50, Infusions Tea Spa, Allston

20. Deep-fried golden buns with condensed milk, $5 for three, Infusions Tea Spa, Allston

21. Chocolate-dipped Pocky sticks, $2 per pack, Hong Kong Supermarket, Allston

22. Spicy beef jerky, $5 per quarter pound, Ba Le, Dorchester

23. Negita Ebi Kamaru (prawn crackers), $2.29, Ming’s, South End

24. Red-bean mochi bun, $1.35, Yi Soon Bakery, Allston

25. Beef-curry-filled fried doughnut, $3.25, Café Japonaise, Brookline

26.¬†Strawberry ‚ÄúTiger Skin‚ÄĚ jelly roll,¬†$2, Yi Soon Bakery, Allston

27.¬†Chocolate ‚ÄúTiger Skin‚ÄĚ jelly roll,¬†$2, Yi Soon Bakery, Allston


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