• Brian

    Just a point of order—the Sox home run was Carlton Fisk (Pudge), not Yaz.

  • Brian

    Also, this whole article is amazing, other than that one bit.

    • admin

      Brian, thank you for catching that. We are glad you like the piece.

      • Brett

        Yikes. Boston Mag got the homerun wrong? That’s borderline sacrilegious.

  • Andrew

    “Prior to Good Will Hunting’s release, Major League Baseball did not allow their footage or logos to be featured in R-rated films. In order to make the film authentic, producers Su Armstrong and Chris Moore worked to convince the Red Sox corporate office to allow the characters to wear Red Sox gear and use the clip of Carlton Fisk’s home run in the film.”
    This is simply not true. The movie “Major League” with Charlie Sheen et al. has MLB trademarks and logos all over it (even the Yankees!) and it was clearly a R-rated movie.

    • Janelle

      Hey Andrew, Great point. From what I understand, MLB had been burned in the years preceding GWH’s release, making them hesitant to allow logos in R rated films at the time they were shooting.

  • Dave

    Thanks for a great, great article, it made my day. Makes me wish I grew up in Boston.

  • jfjordan1947@hotmail.com

    Enjoyed the article, especially since I hope to follow Ben & Matt’s path and win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in the future. But I disagree with the diss of “Gigli.” “Gigli” is one of my favorite movies (Roger Ebert gave it a thumbs up), and I think it just got a bad rap because of the Bennifer phenomanon.

  • Amypz

    I had long thought Affleck and Damon’s mothers wrote/edited that script as a gift to their boys to increase their HWood profile; both women are accomplished teachers, and face it, Affleck is truly not the brightest bulb; plus, they never wrote anything after that…..never. Reading this article doesn’t change my mind just yet, but it does provide more info to the story of writing that movie.