• Lori K.

    Tom Ashbrook and crew…thanks for an amazing show that provides in depth coverage of issues that are so important to me. I am so grateful for you, Tom, and for On Point!

  • Alejandro

    Even without any past radio experience, i believe Tom is an excellent interviewer. Gets to the heart of any issue in all conversations. onPoint is on my daily routine without fail. Keep up the good work Tom!

  • Jess Habalou

    Great piece on a fantastic individual. In all seriousness, can anyone shed some light on which kung fu movies Tom dubbed? Could his mellifluous tones are hidden in some Shaw brothers classic or unsung Wuxia gem?

  • yolanda renard

    A gentleman indeed who makes fleeting subjects off air important after a hour of guidance on air.

  • disqus_VnFa4TIB3d

    He is the best out there trying to make sense of the issue rather than shout the loudest

    • Birdwatcher1

      Oh, well put.

  • http://twitter.com/paulzink Paul Zink

    Atheist though I am, my devout fervor for listening to “On Point” every morning approaches religious fanaticism. Best show on radio, hands down.

  • http://www.honestmom.com/ JD @ Honest Mom

    Great article. I’ve been listening to Tom since the days of driving in the car with my snoozing daughter, desperately trying to keep her asleep for a morning nap! His show kept me up to date on the world in a time when I could hardly stay awake for the evening news. Now I listen whenever I can, no matter what the day’s topics are. Such a great show!

  • Kartik Nath

    Great piece on a great radio host and evidently a very worldly person. I only listen to this show as a podcast but it makes for a great listen. Thanks for all the hardwork and look forward to a great 2014

    • Suzanna Danna from Indiana

      Do you know if there is a way to have his shows post automatically to Twitter? Thank you!

  • Debbe from Spokane

    Tom Ashbrook is the Charlie Rose of radio. If i couldn’t stream On Point for 5 months when we’re out of the country, I wouldn’t leave the U.S.! The show is as addictive as breathing. Thank you, Tom, for your unfailing intelligence, energy and grace under fire.

  • J.H. Hankins

    On Point is just more infotainment and performance art masquerading as insightful journalism. Tom Ashbrook is certainly talented at stimulating facile controversies and manipulating the discussion to provide pseudo-serious entertainment. And, yes, he is the Charlie Rose of radio, which is to damn him with faint praise–as Charlie Rose is the biggest hack, windbag and elitist suck-up in tv faux journalism.

  • JudyLHines

    We are looking forward to Tom’s visit to Bloomington, Illinois on November 7th via WGLT, broadcast from Illinois State University. This is an excellent article because it describes the vast experiences of this man making him what he is now.