10 Boston-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

halloween costumes scott brown elizabeth warrenElizabeth Warren photo via Consumer Financial Protection Bureau via Wikimedia Commons / Brown photo by Diane Beckwith-Zing via Wikimedia Commons

Elizabeth Warren & Scott Brown

Looking for a less traditional couples idea? Use the country’s most important Senate race for inspiration. Election day is the Tuesday right after Halloween, which means the political campaigns will be in the homestretch. Women can channel Elizabeth Warren by dressing professionally like a Harvard professor, while men can choose to dress professionally—or channel Scott Brown’s alter-ego of down-to-earth brown-jacket-wearing truck-driving nice guy. Be careful, things could get awkward if you see anyone dressed as a Native American.

If you dress up as Brown at your party and someone wearing an orange shirt tries to cut you in line for the delicious pumpkin cookies, it might go something like this:

Pumpkin guy: Excuse me, I am going to grab a cookie.

Scott Brown: Hey, I was here first, why are you cutting me?

Pumpkin guy: Can’t you see that I’m dressed as a pumpkin? That means I get the pumpkin cookies first.

Scott Brown: Your costume is horrible! You are claiming to be a pumpkin, but you’re clearly not. How is that fair to anyone else that didn’t try to dress as a pumpkin? You’re just checking the box of Halloween costumes to try to get an unfair advantage.


You will need: Women’s blazer and thin-rimmed glasses for Warren, Carhartt jacket for Brown

scott brown elizabeth warren halloween costumeBlazer photo by Africa Studio via Shutterstock / Carhartt photo by pboston2009 via Flickr