10 Boston-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

bill belichick halloween costume
Photo via sportsgulp.net

Bill Belichick

October 31 in Boston can be pretty cold, but this costume will easily keep you warm. You can get all official by buying the Patriots coach’s actual sweatshirt and cutting the sleeves. Dig out those sweatpants you never wear from the back of your closet, grab a headband if it’s really cold, add some headphones, and you are good to go. Be careful if you see anyone dressed as NFL replacement refs—they may want revenge.

You will need: New England Patriots sweatshirt, headphones, sweatpants, headband

bill belichick halloween costumeSweatshirt photo via Patriots.com / Headphones photo by eldeeem via Flickr / Sweatpants photo by PASA – UWO via Flickr