How the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Is Just Like The Town Trailer

The tormenting blindfolds, the handcuffing, the handsome brooding—they're basically the same movie.

Alas, the book that consumed the attention of teens, girlfriends, moms and people on the T back in 2012 has made its way back into mainstream media. Most of the Internet was very pleased with the newly released trailer for the Twilight-meets-raunchy-mommy-porn flick, Fifty Shades of Grey (based on E.L. James’s ever-popular trilogy of the same title), and it’s probably (but definitely) because of the actor who plays Grey.

The two-minute trailer is a mere tease at what’s to come when the film is released next February, but as it turns out, that trailer looks a lot like something else we’ve seen—the trailer for Ben Affleck’s 2010 movie, The Town. The seductive tale about an inappropriate couple pursuing submissive erotica doesn’t sound anything like the story of two Charlestown guys who rob Fenway Park, but the blindfolding, the handcuffing, the brooding—it makes sense. Take a look.


1. A mousy girl is equally as boring as her hair color.



2. Here is a brooding dude who has a lot of feelings.



3. This is an obligatory shot of shirtless Brooding Dude.



4. Blindfolds…



5. Two characters portray angst by touching limbs.



6. Cue extremely basic title sequence.



Bryanna Cappadona Bryanna Cappadona, Assistant Digital Editor at Boston Magazine

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