Calling All New Kids Fans

1210017299This past weekend, I made a brief pit-stop at the Kiss 108 concert, where I spent time interviewing everyone’s favorite man-band, New Kids on the Block.

Despite my time in their company, I need a little help understanding the New Kids and, more specifically, the mania their fans embody. Which is where you come in, dear readers.

If you love the New Kids, then I’m asking for a moment of your time. Did you go to the Today Show appearance or watch it on TV? Did you hit the Kiss 108 concert or buy tickets for the upcoming Boston show in September? Do you already have their latest song on your iPod? More important, do you still listen to their old stuff?

Just to drive home what I’m looking for, here’s an actual conversation I had with a fan on Sunday:

Me: I just got done talking with (about to say Donnie when female fan cuts me off).

Female fan: Oh my god! Oh. My. God!

That fan was 30. Sound like someone you know? If you, or your friends, are also obsessed with the New Kids, shoot me an email and let’s chat.

  • Yvonne

    I have been a devoted NKOTB fan (most people refer to us as “blockheads”) since I was 13 years old (I am now a 32 year old woman)- I saw them for the first time on Soul Train singing “Please Don’t Go Girl” and I instantly fell in love with them. After that performance – the rest was history. I have attended over 20 NKOTB concerts, still have all the oversized buttons, hats, shirts, bedsheets, dolls, trading cards, concert programs, and two tour jackets. I have all their CD’s and have listened to them throughout my teenage years and to this very day – I pop the CD’s in my stereo, roll down the windows, turn up the volume, and sing my heart out. They were the 5 guys in my life that could turn a grey sky blue, make me smile when I was feeling down, and their music got me through some of the most challenging times of my life. I’m so grateful and happy they are back together doing a reunion tour. All the blockheads get to relive our teenage years all over again and we can’t wait!!

  • Kristina

    Feel free to email me back if you have questions, I’d be happy to talk to you (so long as I can remain somewhat anonymous, my hubby already thinks I’m nuts!) I’m 33, am married with a 2 year old, live outside of Boston and am just as obsessed with New Kids as I was back in the day. Never met them but am determined to one day! I’m going to the concert in Sept. I happen to agree with my family and friends that this whole thing is a bit nuts but can’t seem to help it, they’re going to have to start a support group for New Kids addicts 🙂 I’m on that website way too much.

  • Meredith

    Feel free to email or call with questions — 617-816-6244. I am 28 living in the Boston area. I paid close to 800 dollars for both Boston shows (GOOD SEATS) to see my boys sing. I was, of course, a huge fan in the 80’s when I was 10/11… and continued to follow Donnie’s career. I met him once in 2003, and think he’s so extremely talented. I am so excited the guys are back together and proud to be a new kids. They are humble talented guys who came back at exactly the right time. The fans are ready. I am ready !!

  • darleen

    I have been a New Kids fan since the 80’s. My room was wallpapered in NKOTB clippings and posters. I was lucky enough to attend a concert in December of 1990 at the Worcester Centrum. I also owned every possible item they ever made. Unfortunatley as I got older those items became a thing of the past. The New Kids broke up and my heart was broken.
    I am now a 27 year old married mother of two. When it was confirmed there would be a reunion tour I was ecstatic! My friends and I purchased 4 star VIP tickets to the Boston show on Sept 26th. We also drove three hours to NYC and stood in line for seven hours in the rain to see them on the Today Show. After the performance Jonathan came out to all of the fans and we actually touched his hand. I thought I was going to pass out!! It was so worth all the time we stood in line without using the restroom,staying up for thirty six hours,and looking like drowned rats. Next to the births of my children it was one of the best days of my life.
    I have Summertime downloaded and already know the whole song by heart. I cannot wait until the release of the new album and the upcoming tour. It’s going to be a very long summer but I know in my heart it will be well worth the wait.

  • Hollie Barrette

    Hell yeah, I love the New Kids! I took a bus to NYC and stayed on the street from a little after 8PM Thursday night until the Today Show started Friday morning. I got tickets to see them in September in Boston. Their old music, their new music, I love it all!!!!

  • Mandy

    I have been completely addicted to the NKOTB website, spending many working (and non working hours on there) can’t get enough of them. I am now in my mid thirties and they are bringing me the same euphoria and joy they did in my teens. Love the guys!! From a major New Zealand fan!!

  • Renee

    NKOTB!!! What can I say? I often say to people that the best years EVER were the NKOTB years…carefree, nothing to worry about except getting home afterschool to tape the latest video or being at the store the day BOP or BIG BOPPER magazine’s latest issue was released. Then they went away and things changed. High school, college, grauduation and then the real world with all of it’s ups and downs.
    Bringing us to now. I am a 32 year old professional who recently got engaged to the best man…Life couldn’t be better, or so I thought! NEW KIDS ARE BACK TOGETHER!!!! It was as if a switch instantly clicked in my brain and I was 12 again! Wedding planning? Forget it! I have to see NKOTB! My fiance thinks I am crazy but bless his heart is very supportive! (Must be love!) I, a professional grown woman, slept on the streets of NYC with thousands of other grown women…Just to catch a glimpse of the boys from Boston…Sept 26th I am heading to Boston to see them for the FIRST time (I am originally from Canada and they didn’t come to play where I was from…) And I have a 5* VIP ticket!!! Needless to say, I am wishing away my summer! I can’t even put it to words the feeling it gives me to think of seeing them in person! I really feel like a 12 year old girl again! In a world that is crazy and hectic, it is a comforting feeling to go back to those days…And I absolutely have Summertime on my IPOD!!! The BLOCK is back and the fans are LOVING every second of this!!!

  • Teri

    If you look back in music history you will find so many bands that have touched fans in the same way the New Kids on the Block have. Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones just to name a few, yet it’s the New Kids fans that get called out as crazy.

    These five fine gentlemen, touched millions of people (me included) at that time in our youth that is special. Many of us grew-up right along with them. Memories like that never die.

    They gave us hope, something to be excited about, and something to be a part of no matter how small a part we played.

  • Jenni

    I have been a NK fan since I was 14 yrs old. My best friend and I were obsessed over these guys back in high school! We lived and breathed NKOTB!!
    I reconnected with this same h.s friend several months ago, before the reunion was announced. The timing is just almost too perfect. Today we are once again obsessing over these same guys. I am now a 33 yr old mother of two. I am so thankful for this reunion because I have come to realize that just because I am a mom doesn’t mean I have to act old. I still feel young and the NK reunion has reminded me of that. This reunion has brought back so many memories for me and has given me new memories already. I traveled from TX to see them on the Today show and that was one of the greatest moments of my life. It felt just so natural to be there. Only for this group would I ever sleep out on the streets of NY for. It is not in my usual character but NK has changed me in a way. I refound my youth!! I stopped caring about what people thought. Sometimes you get so caught up in being an adult you forget to have fun. This reunion has brought back the fun in my life. They are awesome, talented and even more handsome than ever!! There is a bond like no other with the New Kids on the Block and their fans. They have always showed their appreciation for the fans and many times I feel they go out of their way for us. It is that bond that has kept us so devoted to these 5 wonderful Boston guys!! Love you guys!!!

  • Andrea

    New Kids on the Block are the greatest group ever! They are back and their fans are here for them! I’ve loved them for 20 years and will love them for 20 more! I can’t wait to see them live! I’m 11 years old all over again and I love it!


  • Pao

    I came to this country in 1987, when I was 11. To Boston no less! Yes, I had the great fortune to have lived in Boston a little before the guys got to be megastars and then, a little bit after.

    I did not speak English. I can’t remember how I came across their music, although actually – since it was Boston – it must have been all over the place. I mean, EVERYONE would talk about this group of kids…

    I had no idea what the songs in the album “New Kids on the Block” were about, or what the lyrics meant. But they sounded so nice! So I begged my mom to buy me the tape. I played it over and over, and read the lyrics with a spanish/english dictionary to memorize and understand what the words meant. To this day, those lyrics are engraved in my memory and in my heart. Their message was/is filled with love and hope and I never want to forget that.

    We had come to Boston because I needed to have major surgeries. Brain, back, and hip surgery. I was born with a disability, so actually, I was no stranger to physical pain, but I never imagined how hard it actually was to endure that time in my life.

    Through that pain, NKOTB was with me. Even when no one could not stay with me at the hospital, Intensive Care Unit, Surgical Rooms… But THEY could enter everywhere with me. They consoled me in my long, lonely nights in a dark hospital room, when no one could be with me. Then, during the day, when I finally could see my family, I had gathered the strength to not show them how much pain I was in, because I knew that they (my family) were suffering with/for me.

    NKOTB showed me, through their message and music, that I could make my dreams come true, if I wanted them badly enough. That I was important, even if/when no one else thought so. I guess with time, I ended up straying away from that message somewhat and fell into bad habits, bad relationships, bad karma.

    In the span of the 15 years that they were gone, I had it VERY rough. Bad choices, good choices gone bad,…Some years ago I looked at myself, after having had my third miscarriage (they were ALL wanted, even if not looked for), and saw but a shadow of the person I used to be. With the death of my third baby (this time, a boy – 6 months pregnant) I sunk into a depression which I am still struggling to overcome. Every day is hard, even when I don’t talk about it.

    But all of a sudden, on April 4th, my life changed AGAIN!!! My dear, long-lost but not forgotten Boys were back! And with them, they brought back all the memories of a time when even through pain and suffering, I believed that my life was amazing. I believed myself to be amazing.

    I guess I am slowly (Step By Step) re-learning about who I really am, and how valuable I am. Today, my past doesn’t hurt as much as knowing that BECAUSE of some of my past, I have lost people dear to my heart, some to death, some to disagreements which were never fixed. But the coming back of New Kids on the Block has given me the opportunity to look back in my past and resurface what was good while finally burying the bad.

    I owe them a great deal more than I could ever be able to repay. I owe them learning a new language, a new culture. I owe to them my passion for communicating, and my subsequent Bachelors Degree in Communications. Because of them, I am a better person. They are the vivid reminder of all the great things I have the capacity to accomplish if I set my mind and heart to it.

    Jonathan, you are my hero. I admire you for your fortitude and impressive will to live and survive. The same goes for you Jordan.

    Donnie, with you I learned how to be a “toughie but a softie”!

    Danny, your maturity and strength of character showed me that I could be strong in the face of adversity as well.

    Joey, you are so full of life! I always envied that about you. You seemed to appreciate and love life with a zest I could only dream about.

    To support them, I took a plane (something I’ve never done on my own before) and flew across the US, to sit in line for 15 hours and celebrate with them their long awaited return at the Today Show.

    To this day, I can’t really grasp the enormity of the change that they made in me. I feel that they Inadvertently shaped me into the woman I am today. For that, I will be forever in their debt, and forever grateful. Best of luck guys!!! I love you all and will support you in anything you do!

  • Kristina

    Thanks Pao for putting that into words so nicely. I think we all agree that, yes they are hot, yes they can sing and dance but on top of that the support we give them is given right back to us. It’s their humility and the feeling we get from them that “they have our back” that keeps them in our hearts, as crazy as that sounds (especially to spouses and non-new kids fans). All new kids fans get that strength from them. I don’t know any other band/celebrity that manages to emit the same sense of caring and friendship that they do through their songs, blogs and personal interactions. Pao explained it so nicely. They just make you feel like you want to be a better person and want to make the most out of your life, which is especially important during the times in life when you’ve lost that inner strength to do so. I think that is the real draw with this reunion. Their fans are so happy to have that comfort/strength back. Not to mention they are way hot! (I can’t believe I just said “way hot”, I think I am reverting back to 14 🙂

  • Kelly AKA Stray

    With New Kids it was more than the fact they looked good or made good music..

    To many they became family, they became a friend..

    The group never saw themselves as role models.

    But they were to me and many others.

    Back in the day I along with many other youths..
    Fought hard to be respected..
    To be heard.. Let it be our opinions on war, drugs etc..

    And adults often ignored us.. Trying to enforce the “Children should be seen an not heard” rule..

    Donnie being the person he is , told people to listen to us, that we had something to say ,and we shouldn’t be silenced or ignored..

    He doesn’t realize he gave many of us a voice.

    The rest of the guys have also taught us fans so much.

    I have a great deal of respect for these men. And I am proud to say I will forever be a fan of the group..

    With that said..

    Welcome back guys..
    It’s been a few..
    We missed you all..

  • Jennifer from NY

    It’s difficult to put into words what the New Kids meant to so many back in the day…and still do now. The genuine sense that they loved and respected their fans back then is even more evident now, as they continue to thank US for “coming back” to them. Many, many of us never “left” as we continued to follow their solo careers in music and movies. Now it feels like we’re being rewarded with an amazing gift – the chance to see them all together again. Thanks, guys!

  • Maxine from PA

    Oh my gosh!!! I absolutly love the New Kids! I have been a fan since I was like 3 yrs. old (My mom was only 23 at the time and she loved them and so I grew up listening to them). I was about 5 yrs. old when my mom bought me tickets to a New Kid’s concert in NY and because of a family split we left NJ and went back to PA so I never got to that concert. I was so heart broken, and I can’t believe that almost 20 yrs. later I might get to actually meet them! I can’t stop thinking abou it! I am now 23 yrs old and still in love with them! My fiance thinks I’m nuts and I don’t care! I will always be a blockhead!!! New Kids’ please don’t forget Harrisburg PA!!!!

  • Jennifer

    It is really difficult to put into words what this reunion is doing for me and for so many other people. I am a 33 year old married mother of one and I am so grateful for all of the memories that are returning to the front of my brain after seeing these 5 awesome guys together again. My best friend and I spent many a slumber party watching NKOTB videos over and over again so that we could get their dance steps down perfect. Any many other slumber parties planning our weddings to Joe and Jordan. There is such a connection between these guys and their fans – I think its a combination of them coming along at just the right time (back then and now) and the fact that they are really great people who truly do appreciate their supporters. I have met Joe a few times and won a contest to have dinner with Jordan a few years back and I feel that those two are very grounded, genuine people. I love their old music (and have every album that they have ever put out)and if Summertime is any indication, I think I am going to love their new stuff too. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss any of this in more detail!

  • sue

    Hi, I was just emailing you about the new kids on the block.
    I have been a fan for as long as these guys started I have never stopped listen to them and once they went there different ways I still continued to follow them in what ever they were doing and or course buying what ever I could , just to keep them on top. I have decicated half of my basement to new kids on the block. so I have kept everything of thier’s
    I don’t mind talking about them and people such as yourself may never understand how these five guys have touched so many lives but they have and I thank God for blessing me to have them in mine.. I will always be a fan and no one will alter or change my thoughts. These guys are wonderful and will never be forgotten in my house .

  • chiara | chiaweb

    yeah I’m 30 years old and I still love NKOTB so much. Now it is so different, we have internet!!! Unfortunatley I’m not able to see the guys live because I live in Italy.. I’ve seen the videos on youtube.. I wasn’t like being there but at least I can see them!!! and almost live!
    My love for them will never stop, I’m feeling 15 again!
    love from italy

  • MFF

    First and foremost…I’d have to say:


    I can remember being a 9 year old girl who pretty much didn’t know how it felt to be “in-love” finally UNDERSTOOD that feeling after NKOTB came into her life. Have to say it’s not necessarily the same as being “IN LOVE-IN LOVE” but evidently similar in a sense.

    I grew up in a tough neighborhood with lots of things around me going on. But i felt like i swayed away from ALL of the madness because i stayed strong and positive. JUST like the message NKOTB ALWAYS presented. I believe that growing up with NKOTB has turned me into a positive individual who saw ALOT of great potential in herself. And i’d have to say…i think i did pretty well. Finished college, bought a house, held a good job…and most of all stayed away from drugs and have a great relationship with my family. And i still think “WAR SUCKS”!! LOL!

    I only hope that when i have children they have positive role models to look up to–second to their parents of course=) It’s sad to know that the role models these days aren’t like NKOTB…they don’t even come close.

    With ALL that said…i think it’s plain to see that in a tough world. We saw the MAGIC that NKOTB brings in our lives…back then…and EVEN now!!



  • Autumn

    I never in a million years thought the New Kids on the Block would reunite so when I heard that they were doing this – I was beyond thrilled. I love the old songs but am really excited that they are doing new music too. I bought “Summertime” on itunes the day it was released and I love that song. I can’t listen to their music (old or new) without smiling. I don’t know what it is that has made so many of us feel like we’re 12 again. But it’s true!!! It’s fun and exciting and a chance to recapture our youth. And this time – we have our own money to do it right! I became a fan in 1988 at the age of 12. My first concert was in 1989 – NKOTB. Of course, back then – I didn’t have the luxury of paying for the good seats so I got stuck up in the nose bleed section. This time, I sprung for the 5* VIP tickets to the Chicago show in October. I know we’ll only have like 2 seconds with the guys for the meet & greet but that’s ok cause all I really want to say to them is “thank you”.

  • SarahOCgirl

    Hi John, I’m a 33 year old woman and I too would scream if I saw Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jon, and Jordan in the flesh 🙂 I was obsessed with them as a teen, I thought for sure I was going to marry Jordan. Even after they broke up in 1994, I still listen to their music and have followed their careers as individuals. So why now, after all these years, do I still want to scream when I see them? Because they still look sexy, they are still great guys from what I read/hear, and hearing and seeing them together on stage makes me happy. NEW KIDS make me HAPPY, that’s why I will love them forever.

  • Costanza from ITALY, 32 years…

    I’m back at my ‘teens again…for me to see them all back together it’s just a dream come true!!! As they’ve never toured Italy I really hope that this time will be the good one. PLEASE anyone who can, tell the “kids” that there’s SO MUCH LOVE FOR THEM! Keep supporting nkotb forever!!!

    Costanza, Firenze ITALY.

  • Sara from ITALY


  • Southie Stacy

    All I can say is that NKOTB brought me to the most wonderful group of women that I could ever meet. Laurel, Beth, Nicki, Kristy and Tiffany OH and Non Boy Bander, AMy. I love you girls.


  • callie

    It’s very difficult for an “outsider” to try to comprehend what the NKs mean to their fans. I was 6 yrs old when I first discovered them. And as sappy as it sounds, they were my first loves!
    But it wasn’t just the good looks that appealed to me. At that age, I finally discovered something that was wholly MINE. It was MY music—not my parents, not my older cousins, just mine. I looked up to them so much. They put forth the notion that what the youth had to say or think was important. They made us realize that one day this would be OUR world, and our actions would define its future. They taught kids as young as 6 yrs old to stand up for themselves. Their bond with their fans, though many would never meet or see a show, was incredibly unique. The media and critics never respected them or us… but we had each other. It was truly us against the world.
    When I was finally a teenager and NKOTB was no longer, I was a fan of another boyband (Nsync). And although they were more my age and oddly enough got a lot more respect from critics, it was NEVER the same. Like I said, it’s extremely difficult to put into words the magic that these 5 boys from Boston had on an entire generation. Many have come and gone after them, but as you can tell by the outpouring of gratitude and elation from people of all ages and all over the world—they remain the incredible phenomenon they were 20 years ago.
    I saw my Boston boys for the very first time last weekend in NYC and at Zootopia. Their music and memories uplifted so many of us over the years. It was our turn to be there for them and needless to say, we delivered. At Zootopia I saw the little girls we all once were cheering their generation’s NKs on. They’re far too young to know much about our guys, but I was pleased to see that as our veteran boyband took the stage… they stood up and cheered, with respect. They get it.

  • Pao

    It’s me again, I just logged back in to this page to see what others were saying about our Boys. What outpouring of love, devotion and admiration! This is why I have been a Blockhead for 21 years and will be ’till the day I die.

    If you should need anything from me, please do not hesitate to contact me!! I can talk about New Kids on the Block forever!

  • dawn

    the new kids on the block rock i’m from randolph and i’ve been waiting along time for the guys to come back i’m so happy that they are their song summertime is awesome can’t wait to to get their new cd and see their concert september26!!

  • jcr_massage (Jen)

    All I can say is I owe New Kids everything. The awesome friends I have met through them, at their houses, at camp outs for concerts, on the boards etc. On top of all that, I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for them, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to find a way to thank them. I don’t know how fate managed to put together thos five guys, but the divine must have had a hand in it, because they have brought me more joy and love then any one could ever ask for.


  • Lisa

    I have been a huge NKOTB fan since I was 14. I went to concerts, bought tons of tapes, videos, buttons, dolls, shirts, posters, etc. I still have it ALL in boxes in the top of my closet (to my husbands dismay). I am now 33 years old. I live in Arkansas. I have been married 11 years to a wonderful guy, and we have 2 children together(4 and 7 years old). We have known each other since I was 13. He remembers my NKOTB hystaria from Jr. High and Sr. High. We were on vacation in Disney World in January of this year when I received a text from one of my friends saying save some vacation money NKOTB were getting back together! I went from a wife, mother of two, and teacher to a 14 year old NKOTB fan in about five seconds! I convinced my husband and a friend whose husband is a pilot to fly all of us to NYC for the Today Show. I met all five members of NKOTB on the day before the show in front of the NYSE when they rang the closing bell. (My friend took pictures, her husband held the video camera, and my husband is next to me in the hot pink polo shirt – Check it out on Youtube “Lisa75 in NYC with NKOTB”) I just purchased four 5* VIP passes for their show in St. Louis, MO. I am going with 3 girlfriends that I saw NKOTB shows with 15-20 years ago. We all have a different “favorite” New Kid. My favorite is Jon. Please feel free to contact me through my email address and I will give out my phone number to you. Good luck with your story.

  • Melissa Little

    I’m going to my second concert of the Reunion Tour. St. Louis on 11/10! I DESPERATELY WANT TO MEET THEM! Sidenote … Donnie was my first kiss back in 1992! No kidding! Hook me up, friend!