Will the Real Steve Carell Please Stand Up?

Two days, and two different sides of funnyman (and Acton, Mass., native) Steve Carell:

Globe movie critic Ty Burr caught up with Carell on the South Shore, where he’s on vacation with his family. Recall that he bought Marshfield Hills General Store, a little slice of New England nostalgia, a few years back — his sister-in-law is the manager. My favorite part of the profile (Carell in real life, if you will) might be when he reveals a teenage love for Jethro Tull:

Asked about his adolescent tastes in music, he squirms and divulges his darkest secret: Steve Carell was a Jethro Tull fanatic. “It was the first concert I ever went to, at the Boston Garden,” he remembers. “This was the Minstrel in the Gallery era. The codpiece! And the tights!” He shakes his head in mortification.

File under: Hey, Aqualung.

And on Tuesday, this gem-slash-“Crazy Stupid Love” promo featuring Carell at his frenetic, zany best popped up on Funny or Die:


Ah, yes, the Michael Scott-esque Steve we know and love. (Though, I’d personally be interested in a giant poster of Ryan Gosling … just saying.)

Sigh. We still miss our weekly dose of Carell on “The Office” — here’s to hoping James Spader (he’ll always be Steff from “Pretty in Pink” to me) can fill the void when he steps in as Dunder Mifflin head honcho Robert California this fall.

  • Doug

    I sure will miss Steve on The Office, but James Spader is a terrific actor. I am looking forward to season 8 because of him, a lot more than I thought I would be with Steve gone from the show.

    I knew Carell was from Acton; just found out that Spader is a North Andover native and still has a home in Marion. Nice to see they are both Mass natives.