10 Boston-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

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halloween costume mitt romney Photo via Bain Capital

Mitt Romney and his money

There are sure to be plenty of Mitt Romneys and Barack Obamas roaming around on Halloween night, so make yours special by channeling this now-famous picture of our former governor when he worked for Bain and had money literally coming out of his suit. Find as much fake Monopoly money as you can and tape it all over your suit. In your conversations, mention how much you don’t like 47 percent of the people at the party. They only came for the free food.

You will need: Business suit, Monopoly money

halloween costume mitt romneySuit illustration by fthes via Shutterstock / Money photo by unloveablesteve via Flickr

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halloween costumes tom brady gisele bundchenTom Brady photo by Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons / Gisele Bundchen photo via Anton OparinShutterstock.com

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen

Any couples looking for a costume? Lucky for you, New England’s quarterback is married to one of the most famous models in the world. For the guy, grab a Tom Brady jersey and eye black. The adventurous woman can go all out and strut her stuff in one of Gisele’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show looks. If you’re Brady, try not to be too upset about your season so far, and don’t get too close to anyone dressed as your opponents.

You will need: Patriots jersey, eye black, angel wings, lingerie

halloween costumes tom brady gisele bundchen

Tom Brady jersey via Patriots.com / Eye black photo via SportsAuthority.com / Wings photo via Thinkstock



halloween costumes scott brown elizabeth warrenElizabeth Warren photo via Consumer Financial Protection Bureau via Wikimedia Commons / Brown photo by Diane Beckwith-Zing via Wikimedia Commons

Elizabeth Warren & Scott Brown

Looking for a less traditional couples idea? Use the country’s most important Senate race for inspiration. Election day is the Tuesday right after Halloween, which means the political campaigns will be in the homestretch. Women can channel Elizabeth Warren by dressing professionally like a Harvard professor, while men can choose to dress professionally—or channel Scott Brown’s alter-ego of down-to-earth brown-jacket-wearing truck-driving nice guy. Be careful, things could get awkward if you see anyone dressed as a Native American.

If you dress up as Brown at your party and someone wearing an orange shirt tries to cut you in line for the delicious pumpkin cookies, it might go something like this:

Pumpkin guy: Excuse me, I am going to grab a cookie.

Scott Brown: Hey, I was here first, why are you cutting me?

Pumpkin guy: Can’t you see that I’m dressed as a pumpkin? That means I get the pumpkin cookies first.

Scott Brown: Your costume is horrible! You are claiming to be a pumpkin, but you’re clearly not. How is that fair to anyone else that didn’t try to dress as a pumpkin? You’re just checking the box of Halloween costumes to try to get an unfair advantage.


You will need: Women’s blazer and thin-rimmed glasses for Warren, Carhartt jacket for Brown

scott brown elizabeth warren halloween costumeBlazer photo by Africa Studio via Shutterstock / Carhartt photo by pboston2009 via Flickr


boston mbta halloween costumePhoto by Meredith Foley

The T Lines of Boston

This is a creative way for a group to represent their love of America’s oldest subway system. Grab three of your friends and find your best red, green, blue, and orange head-to-toe outfit or dress. You can make your own ‘T’ symbol and attach it around your waist. Show up at your party very unfashionably late and tell everyone it’s because you were experiencing delays. Then rudely fly by people you don’t want to talk to and say, “Sorry, I’m running express!”

You will need: Red, green, blue, and orange outfits; T logos

halloween mbta costumeDress photo by ReinventingJess via Flickr / T logo by Dream out loud via Wikimedia Commons


clam chowder halloween costumePhoto by Alexandra Grablewski/Thinkstock

New England Clam Chowder

If you want to be a little more creative with your costume and not be yet another celebrity, here’s your chance. Take one of Boston’s signature dishes, clam chowder, and wear it proudly. Wear a cream-colored outfit and cover yourself with clam shells and fake potatoes. Don’t forget your oyster crackers!

You will need: Cream or white-colored dress or outfit, clam shells, fake potatoes

halloween costume clam chowderPotato photo magnuscanis via Flickr / Dress photo via Thinkstock / Clam shells photo by Jiang Hongyan via Shutterstock


bill belichick halloween costume
Photo via sportsgulp.net

Bill Belichick

October 31 in Boston can be pretty cold, but this costume will easily keep you warm. You can get all official by buying the Patriots coach’s actual sweatshirt and cutting the sleeves. Dig out those sweatpants you never wear from the back of your closet, grab a headband if it’s really cold, add some headphones, and you are good to go. Be careful if you see anyone dressed as NFL replacement refs—they may want revenge.

You will need: New England Patriots sweatshirt, headphones, sweatpants, headband

bill belichick halloween costumeSweatshirt photo via Patriots.com / Headphones photo by eldeeem via Flickr / Sweatpants photo by PASA – UWO via Flickr


make way for ducklings halloween costumePhoto via Boston-Discovery-Guide.com

Ducklings from Make Way for Ducklings

Pay homage to your favorite childhood book, Make Way for Ducklings, which takes place in Boston. The famous ducks are immortalized in bronze statues at the Boston Public Garden, plus they’re a tourist attraction and a bucket list item for many people, so why not make a costume out of them? Dress up as bronze ducks (you could even make your own wings and beak). Choose one of your friends to be the mother duck, and follow her around all night.

You will need: A duck costume (home-made or store-bought), bronze face paint

duck halloween costumePhoto via Buycostumes.com


green monster halloween costume Photo by suemoff via Flickr

Wally the Green Monster

Who doesn’t love Wally? He’s big and green and just really happy. If you can’t get an actual Wally costume, find a Red Sox jersey, high-waisted jean shorts with a red belt, and red sneakers. Paint your face green, wear a Red Sox hat, and prepare yourself for many photos.

You will need: Red Sox jersey, jean shorts, red belt, red sneakers, green face paint

green monster halloween costumeJersey photo by Sportsfan_1 via Flickr / Belt photo by Karkas via Shutterstock / Shorts photo by Infinities Menswear via Flickr


boston athletes halloween costumeTom Brady photo by DiegoG20 via Flickr / Jason Varitek photo by Mitchin’! via Flickr / Paul Pierce photo by Keith Allison via Flickr

Boston’s Best Athletes

If you want your athletic costume to stand out a little more, try channeling your favorite Boston athletes all in one costume. For example, wear Tom Brady’s jersey, Jason Varitek’s goatee and catcher’s helmet, and Paul Pierce’s basketball shorts and sneakers. Who said you can only be one person on Halloween?

You will need: Uniforms from your favorite Boston athletes

boston athletes halloween costumeTom Brady jersey via Patriots.com / Goatee photo via Costumecraze.com / Shorts photo by Corotos Gringos via Flickr


halloween costume boston marathon

Photo by Hyunah Jang via Wikimedia Commons

Boston Marathon Runner

This is your chance to be a marathon runner without having to worry about the whole running 26.2 miles thing. Get you running gear out, make a tag with a number, and find a trophy to carry around with you all night while you pretend you’ve gone all the way from Hopkinton to Boylston Street. If you really want to look like you’ve just finished, use aluminum foil to make one those thermal blankets from the finish line. Extra points if you have a friend who actually ran it and you can borrow their official jacket.

You will need: Marathon jacket, running sneakers, trophy or medal

halloween costume boston marathon

Jacket photo via Citysports.com / Sneakers photo from monicapeng19 via Flickr / Trophy photo by George Doyle via Thinkstock



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