Black Friday Gift Guide

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k-cup storage dispenser

For Your Mother-in-Law: Keurig K-Cup Storage Dispenser

Keurig machines are so last season in terms of gifts. But it's been a year, and who knew keeping K-cups under control would be such a project? Have no fear—this organizer is a gift no mother can resist.

Find this item at; $19.99.


smartphone wallet

For Your Little Sister: Smartphone Wallet by

We already know the iPhone 5 is going to be a popular gift this year, and nothing quite says “I can't afford your expensive taste in Apple products” like a knock-off accessory. Hey, money isn't growing on trees over here. This wallet, however, is the perfect accessory for any smartphone, and is really convenient for those kids who are cell-phone-debit-card-school-ID-only carriers.

Find this item at; $35.95.


cubist martini set

For Your Drunk Grandma: Cubist Martini Set

What else would please Grandma more than not one, but four martini glasses all to herself? It's a classy grandmother's dream. And mine also.

Find this gift at Red Envelope; $79.95.



For Your Dad Who Hates Gifts: Clicker, the Bottle-Opening Universal Remote

Come on, there is literally nothing else in the world that makes Sunday night football any easier. This is an indulgence that every male with a couch deserves.

Find this gift at Brookstone; $12.99.



For the College Girl: Anne Taintor Flask

A gift with all the sass that college girls think they have.  Let's just hope the rehab thing is just a joke. Cheers!

Find this gift at; $20.95.


moustache pacifier

For the Baby: Mustache Pacifier

Because sometimes you just need some satisfaction after listening to the mother's banter about her precious kid. Plus, it's kind of cute.

Find this gift at Sears; $9.99.


hair chalk

For the Trendy Girl Friend: Hair Chalk

These little crayons of chalk create colorful highlights for hair. They're fun because they're temporary, and the colors wash out with shampoo. There's nothing more hip right now.

Find this gift at; $3.00 each.



For Your Emotional Teenaged Brother: Skullcandy Headphones with Detachable Cable

Sure, we know his teenage life is full of disturbance and turmoil. So hand him a pair of these bad boys, and tell him to take his angst elsewhere. Our own tragic teenage years were enough to handle.

Find this gift at; $58.99.


cutting board

For the Neurotic Dinner Host: Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

This wooden cutting board has an ingrained grid and measuring sizes for those who love to serve impressive and detailed meals. Okay, fine, we're obsessed too.

Find this gift at Paper Source; $26.95.


guitar pick hole punch

For the Angsty Musician: Guitar Pick Hole Punch

This Pick Punch creates instant guitar picks out of old credit cards and rewards cards. Clearly this contraption exists for those musicians living the tough life and who are just tired of buying actual guitar picks.

Find this gift at Urban Outfitters; $30.00.


cable one-piece

For the Expecting Parents: Cable One-Piece from Baby Gap

A onesie that is super cozy-looking, perfect for wintertime, and a gift that both a baby boy or girl can wear. And why don't they make these for adults again?

Find this gift at Baby Gap; $34.95.


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