AMC Is Developing a Show Called 'We Hate Paul Revere'

Deadline Hollywood reports that AMC, not satisfied with Mad Men's foray into the 1960s, is setting a new comedy in Colonial Boston and titling it “We Hate Paul Revere.”

AMC is heading to Colonial Boston for a comedy project, now in development. Titled We Hate Paul Revere, it is written and executive produced by Ethan Sandler and Adrian Wenner (Whitney). It centers on two brothers living in Colonial Boston who are not fans of local industrialist and activist Paul Revere.

What on earth is going to happen on this show other than generally interacting with and hating Paul Revere? Is Paul Revere the new “Newman”? (“Hello, Revere…”) Actually, in the spirit of the recently viral Twitter account “Seinfeld Today” which imagines the Show About Nothing set in the modern era, let's consider a Seinfeld-like plot in 1772 Boston. Something like: Elaine scores a date with wealthy John Hancock but can't get over his bad teeth, Kramer accidentally incites the Boston Tea Party, and Jerry gives Paul Revere the signal from the lighthouse* Old North Church, but Revere gives him no credit for the eponymous horseback ride that ensues.

We'd watch that show.

*As Revere buffs (okay, so maybe just people who remember their 5th grade history lessons) have pointed out, Jerry would give the signal from the church steeple not a lighthouse. We apologize for the error, and we'll be copying out lines of Longfellow and Edith Forbes as penance.

  • Kim

    As a person who has lived in the historical city of Boston and New England her whole life, I find the title of this show to be completely offensive and shows the stupidity of Hollywood and the lack of fundamental education. So for you losers on the left coast, try spending some quality time here in the Northeast (you might actually leran something). Try going to the Old North Bridge where a battle for your freedom was fought. Try walking THE FREEDOM TRAIL. Try investigating the history behind your dumb idea for a show. Go to One if by Land, Two if by Sea in NYC and see how historical and romantic this place is. REad about the bloody battle fought at the original State House provoked by colonists, not the British. Your show is just another example of the further dumbing of America. Don't we have enough dumbies in this country?

    • Kim

      Could you imagine the outrage if someone produced a show called We Hate OBAMA?
      Those liberal writers at AMC must enjoy being hypocrites.

    • Joe

      Kim, good to see some people still love America. Thank you. And I would watch a show about how we hate obama.

    • this is bullshit

      boycott this show and this whole channel! what a disgusting idea

    • Timmay

      Its not an accident that progressives try to constantly demonize the founding fathers and the constitution…..

      • Eric Randall

        You people are insane. It's a half hour situational comedy. It'll probably raise awareness about the revolutionary era more than anything else. What is this the Drudge Report or something?

        • mr funny man

          Yeah, I'm sure this will be really funny. This is pretty damn close to revisionist history, at least here in this country. To those who take American history seriously and value those who have died to make this country free, this is about as funny as a new sitcom about hitler having a side gig as a stand up comedian would be to the rest of the world.

    • WTF

      Founding fathers bled for this country. This isn't funny. Stop accepting the blue pill. What a despicable title.

  • this is bullshit

    so typical, take away the constitutional rights of the people and feed them more political propaganda! AMC what are you thinking? have some respect

  • Andrew

    A.M.C. Al qaeda Media Corruption