Was Mark Wahlberg Hammered On BBC's 'The Graham Norton Show'?

mark wahlberg drunk graham norton

Mark Wahlberg was feeling extra lively and spirited last Friday night on BBC's The Graham Norton Show. Marky Mark appeared on Norton alongside comedian Sarah Silverman and actor Michael Fassbender, when Wahlberg challenged even his buddy Ted with his foul mouth.

“Why would you ask people to drink alcohol and come on a show in the evening?” Wahlberg joked at the beginning of the segment, a glass of wine in hand. “What's going on here? It's a recipe for disaster!”

He couldn't have made a more accurate prediction…for himself.

The Broken City actor appeared on the show to promote his newest film, but based on his awkward slouching and immediate antics, he looked quite buzzed. The program began with Wahlberg poking fun at Fassbender's pretty face and gave an anecdote about his son learning inappropriate language from Transformers. Jump ahead 40 minutes, and Marky Mark is sitting on Norton's lap poking at the host's nipples, with Norton reminding him to behave.

Mark got extra rowdy during the “Flipping the Red Chair” segment:

Naturally, some fans took their opinions of Wahlberg's drunkenness to Twitter:

Even brother Donnie Wahlberg made a comment about his oh-so-“cheeky” brother:

What do you think, folks? Was Wahlberg too tipsy for TV?

  • Robin Lee

    I thought Mark was just having a good time. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about…! 😉

  • Deb

    fter watching this clip I'm SO sorry I missed this. Mark was a riot!! I love seeing him this “loose”.

  • J Random

    He was clearly the worse for wear but for the most part funny with it though his constant interrupting of the other guests' stories was bad form, that'll likely be the bit he wakes up regretting. Still, we've all been there ;-).

  • sara

    people are too uptight nowadays. it's just a freaking talk show for god's sake, and I enjoyed it very much thanks to Mark.

    • Howard Ivesly

      I would have enjoyed hearing the end of Sarah Silverman’s pajama piss story, but instead we had the pleasure of listening to Marky Mark cry out for attention. I swear he’s like a b!+chy little high school girl who cries and sits in the corner just so people will pay attention to her.

  • kellyelizabethjarvis@yahoo.com

    I don’t think we’re being stuck up. I watched the show and while the Red Chair was a funny bit, the rest of the time he was hitting on Sara Silvermen while talking about being a good role model for his kids. He was very rude and wouldn’t let people finish their stories. It was painful to watch and I found the whole thing to be very sad.

  • Howard Ivesly

    Marky Mark lived up to billing as a douche yet again. I would have rather effed a fat chick than watch that annoying tool ruin the Graham Norton Show. Sarah Silverman’s pajama piss story had promise until Marky Mark pouted for attention for the 50th time and killed it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1345482806 Ann Gates

    Markey mark an old homeboy from dot,back in the day he use to beat up black folk.