Southie Rules to Liven Up Your Saturday Nights

Pour one out for no one’s favorite reality show.


Photo courtesy of A&E

A&E’s “Southie Rules,” America’s Sweetheart of the reality TV genre, has apparently been such a hit with viewers that the network is moving it from its original Tuesday night slot to … Saturday at 10 p.m., according to the website’s listings. Hm, so that’s probably not a great sign for our old friend “Southie Rules?” Nope, not a good sign at all. What’s more, A&E’s website schedule notes that they will play four new episodes in a row next Saturday to, you know, satiate the unbearable itch we all feel for loosely scripted, unnecessarily subtitled entertainment. (We’ve asked A&E to confirm that the schedule listings on their website are accurate, and will update with their comment.)

Hey now, there’s no reason to assume that moving the show to a time when literally everyone ought to be doing something better will necessarily hurt viewership. Few things are as well primed for a drinking game as formulaic, repetitive reality TV show. (Hey look, BostInno even made one.) But if we had to chug a beer every time someone on that show said “wicked,” well … we wouldn’t be showing up to work on Wednesday morning, now would we? No, no, much better to invite “Southie Rules” to your party Saturday night. Much better.

  • aka Mr.Darcy, MrDarcy

    That show sucks. Totally unnecessary.

  • DK

    awesome show too funny,nice to have something to laugh at

    • Glorious_Cause

      It’s the worst show in history. Cancel it and move on.

  • John Taylor

    This show is fucking sweet people don’t know what good tv is anymore sorry it’s not the bullshit they play on MTV and the rest of the shit they have on tv now these days every time they have a good show on it always gets canceled keep this show alive people its to good

  • John Taylor



    Seeking a 1/2 hour show one PM, I fell across Southie Rules. Kinda hate all reality shows, but thought I’d check out (having lived in South 20 years ago, and feeling at that time that the streets were paved with dog poop, albeit bookies nicely available 24/, if so inclined). Guessed that 5 minutes viewing would be sufficient. BUT–
    I wound up watching 5 episodes. I thought the characters were sweet, lovingly kind to each other in a tough way, with Southie loyalty to family (the clan), and funny dialogue, including some double-entendres, but nothing overtly sexual (a-la-Jersey Shore). The women are feisty and the guys are semi-macho (one tattoo shop supports 10 people?). I do appreciate that one of the characters requires foreign language captions!
    I hope a move to appeal to the stay-at-home Sat. PM couples crowd will gather more viewers.

  • Brittany Carrillo

    This show is hilarious, don’t cancel it!!

  • Thomas Burcher

    I wondered what happened to the show? I’m almost 82, and I like it!

  • Dottie Bielinski


  • Bruce

    Boston’s a great city….a pitty this show is so shitty…….