The Internet’s Ridiculous Response to VH1’s ‘Wicked Single’ Supertrailer

Let’s just say, the haters be hatin’ really hard on this new reality show.

VH1’s ‘supertrailer’ for new reality series Wicked Single, which premieres on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17.

We thought Southie Rules was the bottom of the Boston reality show TV pit, and when A&E started to air back-to-back Saturday episodes, we sighed in relief. “Whew. OK, it’s over. It’s dead. We survived.” But it turns out we were wrong. So, so wrong.

Earlier this week, VH1’s new show Wicked Single released its “supertrailer” (shown above). The show has provoked such anger from viewers—especially yesterday during the Bruins game—that people on social media became downright violent with their words. If you thought the viewer reactions to Southie Rules were bad, check out how people on Twitter responded to Wicked Single

There was the ubiquitous “whoever did this should be shot” + hashtag combo:



The utilitarian approach:

The “punchy” approach:




The Twitter mob isn’t just mad at VH1 and the Wicked Single cast. They’re issuing warnings to everybody:


Finally, some viewers think Wicked Single will be so painful that they’ll just put themselves out of their misery.






Please, VH1, take some responsibility! There are innocent people’s lives at stake here—and that last one sounds really painful!

  • Trisha

    I have yet to hear anyone in Boston with that rediculous of an accent. Yes they exist, but let’s not be over the top fake. Yes, ladies – I called you FAKE (an insecure girl’s worst nightmare)…

    • oscar torres

      You should have seen them in person they complete trash i wanted to throw up

  • TheNuszAbides

    the most enjoyable vicarious hate. “Also, if I ever see that being filmed, I’m punching all of them.”

  • Boston-born TV Producer

    I’m sure people from New Jersey felt the same way about Jersey Shore, but the bottom line is that it was entertaining to watch and made the network, talent and production company a ton of money. TV shows are a commodity/product just as in any other industry. That said, as a Bostonian, I think Wicked Single is poorly cast. There are much bigger, louder, dumber idiots in Boston that look far more Boston than these girls. The show will likely flop, but due only to the casting. VH1 is still desperately trying to make up for passing on Jersey Shore before handing it over to MTV.

  • okole kine

    I think a lot of these jackasses ski and golf up heah in VT and NH massholios

  • Awake in Oregon

    I’m just glad so many people realize that this is simply a company tactic to keep ignorant people placated. I mean, you need look no further than the tag line, “Work hard, party harder.” to me this translates into, “Keep working to move the machine along and afterwards, party yourself retarded so that you are to weary to think at all.”

    On top of that, who really gives a good god damn about what any of these shallow, insecure, rich socialites are doing to be in the lime light?

    Thank you VH1 for continuing the cycle of blind media mongering with another push of the pedal we can hatefully refer to as “Wicked Single”.

  • Guest

    people said the same thing about Jersey shore, and that show was a huge hit. so wait in two weeks…..

    you’re going to hear a lot more from these people because of Americas train reach addiction.

    • Gina

      I’m from Las Vegas and I was pleasantly amused!!! I thought it was hilarious. No, this isn’t indicative of Boston as a whole. My boyfriends is from and lives in Duxbury, MA (yes, we do long distance) and no, he doesn’t have this accent.

  • Jenny

    nothing worse than Hollywood people faking the Boston accent is metrowest people faking the Boston accent…Nikki is from Waltham, so figure out how she got that accent?

    • oscar torres

      Na these idiots are from MA

      • Jenny

        I know Oscar….but not Boston…
        you must not be from MA if you don’t know what Metrowest means

        • wickedangrybroguy

          i agree that girl is full of it (her accent disappeared when they were trying on dresses with her sister) but plenty of people who live outside of boston have “boston” accents. also waltham isn’t really metrowest. i know at least one person from waltham who sounds like a total tard.

    • ziggy85

      Couldn’t agree more with you jenny

    • gnote

      And chrissy is from bellingham ..its all fake

  • Carolyn Short

    If those two girls are any indication the show will be annoyingly horrible.

  • Rita

    They look like amateurs. Most people enjoyed their 20s and even 30s and did it without looking ridiculous. No need to wonder where they will b in 5 to 10, they will b in hospice for liver failure or possibly a heart attack. Thought the rbv craze ended like almost 10years ago. One day if they are lucky they will wake up and realize what a mess they all are. Even snooki and jwow got a clue, but then again they also had something other than partying, they had personalities underneath all the neediness for attention. It’s a shame most of then won’t see their 40s.

  • oscar torres

    I worked security for the cam crew yea i knew this shit was gonna suck almost got jumped thanks to these clowns

  • Stalking Seattle

    Ugliest cast on a reality show. EVER

  • donna


  • donna

    Taking this trash off the air was BRILLIANT! Now, if u would do the same about BASKETBALLWIVES ANYTHING! YOU WILL HAVE MY UNDYING LOYALTY! : )

  • ken

    That chubs kid should kick the crap out of the fat Joe kid