The Week in A&E: Rihanna’s Canceled Concert, NKOTB’s New Video, and More

Here's your Monday "Did you hear?" water cooler celebrity banter.

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Rihanna canceled her Boston show at TD Garden on Sunday. Looks like RiRi’s Diamonds tour isn’t shining as bright as previously hoped. The singer tweeted that she was “so embarrassed” to have to cancel her show yesterday:


As if we’re going to fault her for contracting laryngitis. No news yet on whether we can count on Rihanna to reschedule a Boston concert anytime soon, but until her next visit, we’ll just have to “Pon de Replay.” For other acts coming to Boston, check out our spring concerts lineup. [MTV]

New Kids on the Block released their new video “Remix (I Like The)” last week. Long after the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC fizzled away, NKOTB are still the OGs of boy bands. Check out the side-to-side-toe-tapping at 2:40 and Donnie letting loose at minute 3. Not bad for a now all-over-40 group of guys. The New Kids will be in Boston for their Package Tour with 98 Degrees and Boys II Men on June 2. [YouTube]

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in sequined glory on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Looking not unlike Will Farrell and Jon Heder in Blades of Glory, Douglas and Damon dressed up as their characters, Liberace and lover, respectively, in HBO’s new biopic Behind the Candelabra. When asked about shooting sex scenes, they said it was awkward, but Damon said, “The scene where I’m behind him and going at him, we did that in one take.” Damon also shared that he wasn’t ruling out the possibility of resurrecting his role as Jason Bourne. Which is great, because if there’s anything people want, it’s a fifth Bourne movie.

EW cover


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner post-Oscars make us sick…with jealousy. Photos of the lovey-dovey couple at John Varvatos’s Stuart House Benefit only make us envy them more than we did before. Ben says it’s the end of awards season that has them so relaxed, but we know Jen’s just happy her husband finally shaved off that beard. [Us]

Rob Gronkowski on Tom Brady’s style: “He’s always got his Ugg boots, his jeans on, his tight little shirt or whatever.” Gronk was taking part in a fashion show at Neiman Marcus in Natick:


Taylor Swift makes more than Adele and Tom Brady combined. The Vanity Fair covergirl and Fey-Poehler hater makes an estimated $57 million, according to Parade. Adele’s salary is an estimated $32 million, and Brady? Only $23 million. Poor guy. [Vanity Fair]

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