March 14 Is Pi Day: How to Celebrate All Things 3.14 in Boston

$3.14 for coffee and pie? 31.4 percent off hotel reservations? Boston cream pie? Even meet the screenwriter of Life of Pi? Count us in.

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In the land of MIT mathematicians and future Harvard-trained tax attorneys, Boston residents are in the perfect place for math-related holidays. On 3/14, people worldwide celebrate the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, or “pi,” in both intellectual and decadent ways. While Pi has been calculated to more than a trillion digits past the decimal, it continues infinitely without repetition—giving us ample opportunities to celebrate it. Here are some ways you can support your inner nerd in Boston on March 14:

Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro

Give in to the sweeter side of the symbol with Pi Day at Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro. Thanks to the first three digits of pi, you can get coffee and a slice of real pie for only $3.14. Get your Pi Day started early with this sweet deal.

7-10 a.m., Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro, 25 Charles St., 617-723-7575,

Petsi Pies

At this Somerville bakery, smarts are rewarded with sweets. In honor of Pi Day, Petsi Pies will host a pi contest for the city’s hungriest braniacs on 3/14 at exactly 1:59. Just knowing 3.14159 won’t do here, though. You’ll need to recite 10 digits of pi for a cutie pie and a pi sticker, 100 digits for a gift certificate for a larger pie, or push the limits and go for 314 in honor of the number and you will win the grand prize of a pie per season gift certificate.

1:59 p.m., Petsi Pies, 285 Beacon St., 617-661-7437,

Boston Parker House at the Omni Parker House Hotel

Just up the street from the Common, the Omni Parker House Hotel is a historic piece of the city, Parker’s Restaurant in particular. If you want a sweeter taste of Pi Day celebration, but still have an interest in history, celebrate Pi Day with the most famous pie in Boston of all—Boston cream pie, of course—at Parker’s, where the pie was invented.

Parker’s Restaurant, 60 School St., 617-227-8600,

Charles Hotel

Nestled snugly in Cambridge, the Charles Hotel is located right by Harvard, and it has the deals to prove its loyalty to Cambridge’s best and brightest. The hotel is moving the decimal over for guests who book on March 14, giving patrons a 31.4 percent discount. The offer is good for reservations from March 19-April 3, but make sure to book it on Pi Day!

Charles Hotel, One Bennett St., 617-864-1200,

Mathematica Museum of Science

For a lesson in the history of math, explore the Mathematica exhibit at the Museum of Science this Pi Day. A permanent exhibit since 1981, the exhibit is designed to trace the evolution of mathematical theory and the most compelling wonders of math. Put pi to use with the shape of bubbles created by the Moebius bands, or examine images of mathematical concepts in nature. The “History Wall” can even give a timeline of math-related achievements, putting the impact of pi into perspective.

Museum of Science, 1 Science Park, 617-723-2500,

Bright Lights LA/Boston Showcase at Emerson College

If math and sweets just really aren’t your thing, we have one last Pi Day event for you. Oscar-nominated screenwriter David Magee, who wrote the screenplay of Life of Pi, will be speaking at an annual student showcase. OK, we know it’s a little bit of a stretch, but the event will include five films by Emerson students and an after-event reception that will brighten up any movie lover’s Pi Day.

7-10 p.m., Bright Family Screening Room in the Paramount Center, 559 Washington St., 617-824-8000,

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