Ben Affleck’s Top Sketches from Saturday Night Live

The actor/director will join the Five-Timers Club this weekend on SNL’s season finale, and we’re revisiting Affleck’s funniest sketches from previous appearances on the show.

Update, May 20, 10 a.m.: Watch clips from the season finale of SNL hosted by Ben Affleck here.

It only took him 13 years to get there, but this weekend Ben Affleck is hosting the season finale of Saturday Night Live and will finally be joining the Five-Timers Club along with Justin Timberlake, Drew Barrymore, Alec Baldwin, and several others. The musical guest will be Kanye West…whom we should all be slightly concerned about.

Until Saturday, here are some of Affleck’s best sketches from his previous appearances on SNL. (And maybe some of his worsts, too—we’re not all perfect, Benny.)

The Countdown with Keith Olbermann:
Is there anyone out there that can play Keith Olbermann better than Ben Affleck?

The Gigli parody:
Because let’s be honest, Gigli deserved this.

This is the best. The BEST. Couldn’t be better with epitomizing college bro’s from Boston.

Night School Musical:
Well, did anyone else know that Ben Affleck could sing and dance? Watch out, Zac Efron.

Well…and then there’s the Z105 guys.
Okay, every episode of SNL has that sketch that makes us cringe and experience secondhand embarrassment for everyone involved. “What the hell was that?” We will usually all ask simultaneously. And this is one of those sketches.

  • Ruben James

    Those were definitely some of the funniest skits that Ben Affleck has done in the past, and I’m sure that he’ll be awesome this weekend. I’ll be working late at DISH, so I made sure to set my DVR to record SNL. When I’m running errands around the house, I watch my shows and having the ability to stop a show in the living room and continue in the kitchen with my DISH Hopper helps me stay productive.

  • angeleyez13

    you forgot the Target Lady skit.That’s the funniest!Will not miss this one either.Going to record this too