Watch the ‘Boston Strong’ Benefit Concert Live Online [Updated]

Featured acts include Aerosmith, New Kids on the Block, and Godsmack. Proceeds from the show’s ticket sales are going to the One Fund.

Update, May 31, 12:30 a.m.: The live stream has ended.

Photo via TD Garden on Instagram.

Photo via TD Garden on Instagram.

If you were unable to grab tickets to tonight’s “Boston Strong” concert at the TD Garden (likely, you weren’t, because they sold out in about five minutes the day they went on sale), your night isn’t a total loss. The entire concert is streaming live online.

Starting at around 7 p.m., spectators who couldn’t get inside the arena can watch all the onstage action live online instead. The concert features acts like Aerosmith, Boston, Godsmack, and New Kids on the Block. A comedic performance from Arlington native Dane Cook is also scheduled as part of Thurday night’s performance.

TD Garden and Live Nation teamed up for the ‘Boston Strong’ celebration and will donate proceeds from ticket sales to the One Fund, which was set up by city and state officials to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombings pay for medical expenses.

TD Garden officials went as far as donating the arena for the night at no cost, so the concert could go on without profits involved. Ticket sales were also digital only, according to officials, so that no one could profit from paper ticket sales on third-party sites.

The show, which brings together bands that would otherwise never hit the stage together in the same venue, was conceived by members of New Kids on the Block. The boy group’s manager helped put the finishing touches on the concert, which has been described by promoters as “a world class” event. The stage for the concert is the largest one that TD Garden has ever housed, according to officials from the venue.

But the musicians aren’t the only ones pitching in to make the night pleasant for concert-goers. Expecting a surge in ridership due to the concert’s popularity, the MBTA will be running extra services to and from the concert. According to T officials, the transit system will have extra Red, Orange, Blue, and Green Line lines to the show to accommodate the crowds. Boston Pedicab is also pitching in. The bike transportation company is donating all proceeds from rides to the TD Garden to the One Fund.

Of course, while the extra trains and tricylce trips are a nice touch, they aren’t nearly as classy as the mode of transportation Boston-based Dropkick Murphy’s are taking. When the band decided they could hop on the set list at the last minute, local car maven Ernie Boch. Jr. offered up a private jet to pick the group up in Colorado and ship them back to Boston.

  • marcbenedetti

    the streaming is horrible…. you mean to tell me one station couldn’t have picked it up?

  • David

    unable to watch online. disappointed.

  • A.

    this is the worst live cast.. why couldn’t it have been on tv somehow??

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  • Monte01

    This streaming is non existant!! Horrible! They should have televised this concert

  • Becky Alexander

    fail!! no stream, no television. is it being “taped” at least to air at a later date? This is a horrible disservice.

  • miktav

    radio margaritaville has it, don’t need Sirius XM

    • Becky Alexander

      thank you for sharing!!

  • Barbara Margolis

    Srupid F’ing live stream, I can not get it on any ONE of the hundreds of sites that say that they are streaming the concert. Extreme is on now, but I barely saw and heard BOSTON, the band I wanted to see and was on first……what a nightmare…..I was waiting to see David Victor sing and maybe heard 2 seconds. When you get on a site it plays for awhile and then shuts off and then you get a message that you can’t connect to that site. But “DUH” ya’ did for at least 5 minutes. Why wasn’t this televised!?!

  • M40

    The guy whose job it was to arrange for streaming this event… will likely be added to the roles of Mass unemployment as of tonight.

    • Linda Avron McCarthy

      it is on now

  • Joyce

    What a total shame… Thanks for the info about it being broadcast on Radio Margaritaville…J Geils sounds amazing.. WZLX should be at least broadcasting the audio

  • Joyce

    Is anyone out there getting anything on any of the sites? I am getting NOTHING, and keep switching between 5 sites!

    • Linda Avron McCarthy

      I am watching it right now 10;17pm

  • Liz you have disappointed a lot of people! Its unfair to announce to people who have always been loyal to your station ,that you will live stream the Boston Strong Concert and then ……… you dont? I bet THE GREAT ERNIE BOCH JR. would not have left all the strong people of Boston down the way wcvb did. Shame on you I think you should at least air the concert on tv over the weekend to set an example that WCVB can be Boston strong and by allowing Non-ticket holders a chance to enjoy the show. I think with that more people would donate to the ONE FUND. I hope I haven’t offended anyone,I’m just WICKED bummed-out! THANK YOU

  • Linda Avron McCarthy

    I just read a bunch of comments that said they cant see the live stream. I am watching I right now. but I just turned it on at 10;15pm

  • Linda Avron McCarthy

    I am watching the live stream now

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    What happened?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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    will this be available on DVD?

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    I had to jump from site to site to finally see it! Get your shit together!!